24/7 Monitoring

Worker safety is paramount to any organisation and the ability to know where your workers are when an emergency is triggered is key. But with shift patterns and flexible working hours, people can be in the field at any time, day or night, making it hard for organisations to provide a consistent level of safety monitoring and support. In these situations, it could be that your employees are best served by having any alerts monitored by a professional monitoring organisation, with 24/7 operational capability.

Smartrak’s map facilitates this, by allowing third-party organisations to be automatically alerted of incidents via visual and audio alerts, email, and text messages.

We have partnered with dedicated 24/7 monitoring service organisations to provide guaranteed response services if an alarm is initiated by a worker in the field, and provide a direct link between the Smartrak platform and the monitoring service provider’s system. As soon as an alert appears on the Smartrak map it is simultaneously forwarded through dedicated interfaces to our customer, and the monitoring service provider’s native system, providing you and your workers peace of mind when an emergency occurs.
Ensuring our customers are safe whatever the time of day

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