4 Reasons Why Your Fleet Needs Pool Booking

Regardless of the size of your fleet and the line of work that it operates in, introducing an integrated, centralised pool booking system will significantly improve your ability to manage your company’s shared fleet. Here are 4 reasons why!

  1. User friendly
    Smartrak’s PoolCar Pool Booking system is incredibly user friendly and accessible to use. The system has been specifically designed so that people with a broad range of technology capabilities are able to use it. Staff members can book a company vehicle from just about anywhere via their desktop or on the mobile website.
  2. Reduces Administration and Costs
    A key benefit of Smartrak’s Pool Booking system is that it takes away much of the administration work that goes into managing your vehicle access. This reduces the costs that are typically associated with having a staff member manage the administration side of your fleet, improves the optimisation of your shared fleet utilisation, and significantly reduces associated costs.
  3. Smarter and Safer Fleets
    Smartrak’s Pool Booking system has several savvy features that allow managers to analyse individual driver and broader fleet trends. This allows fleet management to get on the front foot if specific vehicles are being driven too regularly by staff members, leaving others under-utilised. A Pool Booking system also means that managers can ensure drivers are only able to book and operate vehicles they are licenced to operate, ensuring they’re safe and compliant.
  4. Integration with Other Specialised Solutions
    Whilst Smartrak’s Pool Booking solution can operate as an individual product that supports optimal shared vehicle usage, integrating with other fleet enhancing products expands your capabilities further. Combining the Pool Booking features with additional Smartrak solutions such as our Key Management solutions and telematics capabilities will further enhance your organisation’s ability to effectively manage your fleet.

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