Academy presenter profile: Nic Turner

Creating mindful consumers starts at work

Nic Turner, sustainability educator and wellbeing coach demonstrates how small, practical changes in the workplace can pay surprising dividends. Through government and corporate examples Nic highlights the ripple effect of adopting proven measures in making your workplace a greener place. From enhanced employee wellbeing to an improved self-awareness for organisations about their role in supporting the environment.

Nic’s a product of the corporate world, having spent 15 years at the sharp end of the Fast Moving Consumer Products (FMCG) industry, so this isn’t a rose-tinted advocacy of business-busting processes that will cripple your bottom line. In fact, she brings a refreshing acceptance to the conversation that it’s ok to start with ‘imperfect action’, personally and as a business.

This non-judgemental approach outlines the small and larger steps that all business managers need to be aware of. Because the positive effects of making that effort will be seen in a team approach to doing better, and in dollar and cents savings produced by less waste and a more mindful workplace.

ASB calls Nic “Inspirational”, and Hamilton City Council says that her “knowledge shines through.” Day 1 of the Smartrak Academy is your chance to experience this inspiring and knowledgeable educator and advocate for yourself.

We all know that consumers are increasingly judging our efforts against an environmental barometer, and Nic Turner’s easy to adopt recommendations are an excellent introduction to the strategies you will need to meet that challenge.

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