Smartrak has taken a leadership position in helping fleets improve efficiency and reduce their emissions by making it easier to manage and fully utilise electric vehicles (EVs). One of the strategies for achieving this is through collaboration with key leaders in Australasia’s EV transition, including Aurecon Group, Griffith University and Meridian Energy. Smartrak is committed to understanding the unique requirements of these organisations, and through this understanding, developing tailored solutions that streamline EV management processes.

In this article, Smartrak sits with Aurecon Group’s Associate of Integrated Transport and Mobility, Rich Mitchell. Together, they delve into Aurecon Group’s challenges of managing an electric vehicle fleet across various locations within the country and how they can maximise the utilisation of their EVs. Read on to discover more.

headshot Rich Mitchell
Rich Mitchell, Associate - Integrated Transport and Mobility, Aurecon Group

Q. What motivated Aurecon Group to collaborate with Smartrak on developing their EV telematics capabilities?

A. As existing customers of Smartrak, continuing our working relationship was an easy decision for us. While the current system serves us well, the opportunity to collaborate with Smartrak on a more tailored solution that aligns with our unique operational needs was compelling.

Q. What specific advantages does Smartrak's EV Enablement solution bring to your fleet management operations?

A. Smartrak’s EV Enablement solution offers us flexibility in managing our diverse fleet. We don’t want our workforce to be limited by geofences, time of day/night boundaries etc. as our projects can take us anywhere at any time. For instance, we work on projects such as new roads that don’t exist in current maps. Therefore, working with Smartrak allows us to cater for these requirements that may not apply to other businesses. This ensures our operations remain efficient regardless of time or location.

Q. How do you envision leveraging the insights and data provided by Smartrak's EV Enablement solution to optimise fleet performance and productivity?

A. The integration of Smartrak’s new system takes out much of the manual entry of data, providing us a more accurate picture of how vehicles are used and whether we are able to reduce our fleet or change vehicle types if the data shows a more suitable vehicle would apply. For example, if planning a trip to a remote location, the booking system could suggest a PHEV or hybrid as the most fit-for-purpose vehicle as opposed to an electric vehicle. By leveraging this data, we aim to enhance operational fleet efficiency, drive cost savings and achieve productivity gains.

Alongside Aurecon Group, Smartrak remains dedicated to innovation, and collaboration in shaping the future of sustainable transportation. Smartrak’s EV Enablement solution effectively bridges the gap between conventional and electric fleets, ensuring fleet EVs work just as hard as conventional vehicles.

Whether you have already started electrifying your fleet, or are simply exploring the possibilities, Smartrak are the experts to provide support and guidance. Get in touch to learn more about how they can assist you on your journey towards sustainable fleet management.

At the end 2023, Smartrak embarked on an initiative to further develop its EV enablement fleet management solutions and emphasise their commitment to customer-driven innovation. This led to the formation of a Special Interest Group (SIG), comprising of some of Australasia’s leaders in EV transition, including Griffith University, Aurecon Group and Meridian Energy. Together with Smartrak, their objective is to collaborate on the development of industry-leading software, making the integration and management of EVs within fleets seamless.

In this exclusive conversation, Smartrak sits down with SIG Member and Acting Manager of Parking, Traffic and Logistics at Griffith University, Mitchel Howard. They discuss the ground-breaking developments they’ve already been making together in the EV enablement space and highlight the distinct advantages of Smartrak’s solutions for the future of fleet. Keep reading to find out more.

Mitchel Howard Headshot
Mitchel Howard, (Acting) Manager - Parking, Traffic & Logistics, Griffith University

Q: As a customer who has already utilised Smartrak's Pool Booking solution, what motivated your decision to seek access to full-service EV telematics capabilities?

A: In 2024, Griffith University purchased 20 new electric vehicles for our pool vehicle fleet. As we develop our maturity journey in EV enablement, it is crucial to us to also have the tools that provide data and insights in line with our priorities. Smartrak’s EV enablement solution will help us attain data and reports on information such as: battery use, charging optimisation, emissions reporting, the savings due to increased EV use, and reporting on FBT.

Q: Could you elaborate on the specific advantages that Smartrak's EV enablement solution brings to your fleet management operations?

A: Smartrak’s EV enablement solution not only provides data and reporting that will assist Griffith University in effectively operating it’s EV Fleet, the new trip planner booking system in development is designed to encourage users to prioritise EVs while also ensuring the needs of the trip or booking are met. By redesigning the way users interface with our vehicles, Smartrak is providing a platform that comprehensively redevelops the way Griffith University approaches its pool vehicle use and can accelerate its maturity in EV enablement.

Q: How do you envision leveraging the insights and data provided by Smartrak's EV enablement solution to optimise your fleet's performance and productivity?

A: Smartrak’s trip planning experience, which is a new interface in PoolCar provides a platform for Griffith University's users to provide feedback on why they are potentially favouring internal combustion engine vehicles or are hesitant to use EVs. These insights will be critical for us as fleet managers, helping us to focus on challenge areas and make decisions in ways that provide support for our users. For example, providing more user education and training, reallocating our fleet or investing in infrastructure.

As we embrace the future of fleet management, it is clear that innovation is key to driving progress and sustainability. Smartrak’s EV enablement solutions represent a significant advance in managing EV fleets. By combining Smartrak’s EV telematics solution, Nextrak, with their integrated booking system, PoolCar, Fleet Managers can confidently navigate the transition to EVs, whilst ensuring a smooth and reliable EV experience for end users.

Take the next step towards future-proofing your fleet. Smartrak are eager to learn more about the electrification of your fleet and advise you where they can.

EV Enablement Initiative SIG logos

Smartrak is excited to announce the newest member of its EV Enablement Initiative, Meridian Energy. Meridian joins a Special Interest Group (SIG) alongside esteemed members Griffith University and Aurecon. The establishment of this SIG will see the development of industry-leading software by Smartrak, focused on facilitating the seamless integration, operation, and management of electric vehicles within fleets.

“A longstanding Smartrak customer, Meridian has achieved significant carbon emission reductions leveraging our solutions. We are thrilled to welcome Meridian to our EV Enablement Initiative where they will share their invaluable insights.”

Dr Sharlene Smith, Smartrak Business Manager - Sustainability Initiatives

Meridian is a market leader in New Zealand’s EV transition. They have achieved remarkable success in transitioning their light passenger fleet to 100% fully electric by 2021, surpassing their original target of 2030, by an impressive 9 years. Leveraging Smartrak’s cutting-edge telematics and booking solutions, Meridian has effectively reduced fleet size, minimised capital expenditure, and lowered operating costs. Furthermore, Meridian is actively contributing to the EV ecosystem by providing home and business charging solutions and operating ‘Zero’, which is a public network of chargers spanning Aotearoa New Zealand

A future-proof solution

In a series of collaborative meetings over the last few months, Smartrak’s SIG members have come together to contribute their expertise, insights, and pain points, to help shape the development of industry-leading EV enabling software. By addressing evolving priorities and challenges within the fleet management space, Smartrak’s EV Enablement Initiative is delivering an innovative suite of features that will make managing EV fleets as straightforward as any ICE fleet.

Smartrak delivers simplified EV management by providing our customers with remote battery data direct from the vehicle and enabling priority charging notifications based on upcoming bookings. Capturing data directly from the vehicle negates the need for a vehicle to be plugged into a costly smart charger to check its charging status. This capability results in significant time savings, simplified multi-site management and support for back-to-back vehicle bookings. Smartrak also offers enhanced EV and sustainability reporting, and an improved EV booking experience for end users, ensuring customers can deliver on their sustainability goals. Smartrak’s integrated booking system, PoolCar, now offers real-time visibility into EV range and emissions impact at time of booking and includes vehicle recommendations based on vehicle specific CO2 emissions and intended trip length. This collaborative approach to product development underscores Smartrak’s commitment to working closely with its customers to design industry-led solutions that empower them to successfully navigate and overcome the challenges presented by the adoption and integration of EVs within fleets.

About Smartrak

Smartrak proudly leads the charge as the foremost provider of advanced EV fleet management and Sustainable Transportation solutions and is dedicated to facilitating EV enablement, addressing administration, and streamlining fleet management throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our expertise positions us as the preferred choice for government agencies, councils, healthcare, and utilities organisations, assisting them in their transition to Net Zero by enhancing fleet visibility, optimising utilisation, right-sizing their fleets, and effectively managing their electrified vehicles.

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