The “brain” of the Smartrak Fleet and Asset Management solution. The Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) communicates core vehicle tracking data including GPS location, speed, additional connection inputs, and accelerometer data (that monitors braking, cornering, and acceleration).

Smartrak’s AVL has inbuilt 2G and 3G network compatibility to provide live updates of vehicle data to the Smartrak Visual Intelligence Suite anywhere there is cellular coverage. For vehicles operating outside of cellular coverage, an optional satellite modem can be integrated to seamlessly extend communication to remote and regional areas.

The AVL’s onboard firmware and software is configurable over-the-air (via mobile data networks), ensuring that custom setting changes and updates can be completed without the need to bring the vehicle or asset in for servicing.

The AVL also supports advanced high-impact and rollover detection, which can be optionally specified for vehicles.

Key Features

  • Three-axis accelerometer to provide driving feedback

  • High Accuracy GPS

  • Multiple inputs and data points tracked and reported on

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