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Your new journey to fleet insights

It's no secret that in order to start making smart decisions about your fleet assets, you need access to data. Data can show you where your assets are, how they're being used, and whether or not they're necessary in the first place. Without data, the best you can do is make assumptions, and you'll only be right some of time.

'Smartrak's Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) is the tool that unlocks your fleet's full potential. It shows you where each asset in your fleet is, and where they've been. It uncovers exactly how each vehicle has been driven, so you can proactively address problems such as speeding or harsh breaking and cornering before they become major roadblocks. It enables an employee safety net, so that if they have an accident or break down, you can pinpoint their exact location. It also gives you the ability to analyse how often your assets are being used, instead of relying on anecdotal information.

It's time to take the guesswork out of fleet management. Talk to us to learn how our solutions can help you uncover your fleet's hidden insights.

  • 2G and 4G cellular coverage
  • Accelerometer captures vehicle movement, such as harsh acceleration, breaking, and cornering
  • Various additional connection and data inputs to track every aspect of your asset
  • A suite of reports to help you understand exactly how your fleet is being used
  • Optional satellite coverage
  • Optional high-impact and rollover detection

Our customers

Product Features

Comprehensive reporting capabilities

Smartrak has numerous detailed reports that provide valuable information on fleet activity, including overspeed period, overspeed severity, geofence reporting, utilisation reports, and trip reports.

Fleet performance at a glance

The AVL opens the door to a whole suite of reports and data around your fleet's performance. Smartrak Dashboards provide a clear and powerful way for organisations to gain insights into the distances vehicles have recently travelled, as well as the utilisation percentage of pooled vehicles.

Coverage, no matter where

We understand that New Zealand and Australia offer some of the world's most remote and rugged terrain. If your staff venture into remote areas without cellular coverage, an optional satellite modem can be integrated that seamlessly extends the functional range of the AVL units.
If your lone workers frequenlty operate in remote and regional locations, a satellite connection is essential for tracking their health and safety. In the event something happens, whether it's a vehicle breakdown or an injury, satellite coverage could very well be a lifesaver.
Advanced Functionality

Advanced Features

Optional duress buttons

We realise that staff that work in remote locations are often operating in high-risk situations. The AVL can be upgraded to offer either a wired or wireless duress button, so that lone-workers can raise an alert should they get into trouble.

Multiple inputs and data points

The AVL can provide real-time data on a variety of data inputs. These can be reported in the Smartrak platform.

Optional satellite modem

Ensure you capture fleet information regardless of where your assets travel. Satellite modems make sure you don't encounter black spots when you move beyond cellular coverage.

Over-the-air updates

Custom settings changes and updates can be completed without the need to bring your asset in for servicing.

Onboard motion sensor

Accurately monitor and track forces that could indicate harsh acceleartion, breaking, and speeding.

Optional high-impact and rollover detection

Get notifications in the event your employees are involved in an accident or the vehicle rolls over.

Ensure seamless fleet visibility

Eliminate the gap between data and knowledge


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Driver Identification

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Real-World Success

Case study

Looking to understand how our solutions perform in the real world? We've put together a mini case study to highlight how our solutions help real-world customers. 


Meridian Energy NZ


Meridian began working with Smartrak in 2015 following the production of a business case supporting improved health and safety of their staff across their fleet, and of lone workers operating in the field.

The Issue

Following a review of Meridian’s fatal risk framework, the Corporate Safety and Health Team identified driving as one of the top 10 fatality risks within the organisation. Nick Robilliard – Procurement & Property Manager (and manager of Meridian’s vehicle fleet) has already identified vehicle GPS as a tool to manage this risk and this review provided the lever to introduce this technology across the business.

The Solution

The data challenged Meridian’s thinking. Instead of trips over long distances, much of the fleet was doing shorter trips.


Meridian Energy has already seen benefits across their fleet from introducing telematics
“GPS can reduce your fleet, and reduce your capital or operating costs.”

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What is telematics?

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Blackspot areas

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