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Big Ideas Driving Mobility

Micromobility refers to single-person, very light vehicles. They can range from conventional and electric scooters and bikes, to ‘personal vehicles’ like Segway. Probably the most visible examples of micromobility are the fleets of shared e-scooters and bikes that are now a common sight in many of our cities.
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What you'll learn

Micromobility presents opportunities for governments, organisations, and individuals. Our 13-page whitepaper is designed to start the kick-start the conversation around MaaS and micromobility, and how it might compliment existing modes of transportation.

What you'll get from this whitepaper

What MaaS, mobility, and micromobiliy are, and how they can be leveraged to provide transportation alternatives
How micromobility might solve the first/last mile problem
Where businesses can leverage micromobility

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