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Community Services

Doing good in the community depends on more than your commitment and the enthusiasm of your co-workers and supporters. With more demands than ever you will need to adopt ideas that businesses are already deploying in their own quest to achieve more with available resources.

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As a non-profit entity, or an organisation focussed on delivering community outcomes your main aims are generally on achieving the good works you are passionate about. This often means that you have to achieve more with limited resources and funding, reach out to communities by sending workers into the field, and rely on volunteers.

These are operational factors that make demands on your management resources and compete for your attention, distracting you from the work you really want to focus on. Alongside this, there are also the legislative requirements that apply to your activities, such as ensuring the safety of your people and accounting for how funds are used.

Grey Fleet and Mobility

Throughout the not-for profit and community services sectors, there is a growing realisation that a more professional approach to asset and personnel management is required. The tasks facing these organisations are too important to rely on ad-hoc arrangements anymore, and the efforts of leading organisations in the commercial sector are showing the way.

Scheduling people and assets, keeping track of operations in the field, managing health and safety risks including driver behaviour, and tracking costs are all elements that need attention. Delivering to this need, with solutions that are easy to use, reduce the administrative burden, and still provide significant operational improvements are mission-critical requirements. As non-profit and community organisations prepare for the increasing demands they are facing, it’s proven technologies and systems that are coming to their aid, so they can aid others.

Keep your workers safe

Weather they are driving or visiting people in the community, your workers should be confident they are operating within an organisation that values their safety. By gaining visibility of workers wherever they are and taking advantage of the range of duress solutions available, you can fulfil your duty of care to employees and volunteers.

Reduce waste

Smartrak offers a broad, integrated suite that is customisable to a range of organisations’ and teams’ requirements. This ensures a single tool has the features to be used cross-functionally throughout the organisation.

Maximise scarce resources

The time your staff and any volunteers can spend achieving your organisation’s goals is dependent on the good management of resources. To ensure this, you need the tools to efficiently allocate people and assets, track activities in the community, and respond to changing requirements.

Meeting your obligations

The demands on managers in the non-profit sector are just as stringent as the corporate world. Indeed, it could be said the expectation that funds are used wisely places the bar even higher. In this environment, having access to the reporting that underpins cogent decision making and sound management is an absolute necessity.


Being a non-profit organisation doesn’t excuse you from the legislative requirements surrounding safety at work and fiscal responsibility. Therefore, ensuring that your procedures and systems are supportive of a safe working culture and that your operations are efficiently run should be prime considerations for all managers in the sector.


Ensuring assets, such as vehicles, are correctly used is much easier by combining a pool booking solution with secure key management. This will ensure that keys can only be accessed by authorised personnel and only for the journey or task stipulated.


Reducing the environmental impact of your operations is a good news story that supports your organisation’s standing with donors and the community. But achieving this can be difficult when you don’t have the money to buy the latest, greenest vehicles. Start by identifying wasted journeys and build reports that demonstrate the benefits of EV adoption to support your drive for funding. These efforts will illustrate your commitment and can provide tangible reductions in your carbon footprint, even with your existing fleet.

Community Service organisations use Smartrak to support the safety and welfare of employees while serving the community.

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