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Smartrak's Fleet, mobility, and Health annd Safety solutions give you the space to get aheave of the curve and focus on what matters - creating value for your organisation.
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Giving you the space to get ahead of the curve

We know you want to focus on what matters - the tasks that create value for your organisation. But inevitably you spend your precious time managing people and resources.

It doesn't have to be that way. Smartrak's solutions help you streamline the day-to-day activites that eat away your time. It's time to give yourself the space to get ahead of the curve.

Lone worker safety

Being a lone worker in a high-risk environment can be the reality for many roles. It is critical that workplace safety best practices are in place to mitigate risk for your employees. Lone workers operating in remote regions are twice as likely to be hospitalised due to injury.

Smartrak offers a broad portfolio of personal safety devices to support people in a range of environments and scenarios; from low risk to high risk. These solutions connect remote staff with support services either in-house or via 3rd party security monitoring centres, for immediate response in an emergency.

Vehicle-based safety

Did you know that average fleet utilisation barely scrapes 20%?

Our solutions can show you how your fleet is being used on a daily basis, and give you the data that can help you accurately measure the utilisation of your fleet. With this knowledge, you'll be able to make informed decisions about your fleet.

Pool booking solutions

You've only got so many hours in the week. Shouldn't you try to free your calendar so you can focus on what's important?

Automating the low-level functions associated with fleet booking will give you the bandwidth to focus on the strategic decisions that will help your fleet and your organisation get ahead.  

Foolproof key management

No one wants to play travel agent or waste time running around hunting for missing keys. KeyMaster offers a foolproof check-in and check-out process for every key in your fleet. Powered by PoolCar's comprehensive permissions system, it ensures only authroised individuals can retrieve a key, while automated alerts will inform you when someone forgets to return them after their trip.
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Eliminates loopholes

There will always be people who try to find a way to bend the rulse to suit themselves. Whether it's booking a vehicle for an entire day when they only need it for an hour, or hiding the keys in their desk drawer so they can monopolise their 'favourite' vehicle.

While every fleet should have a solid set of policies and procedures for booking vehicles, you need an effictive way to enforce then. KeyMaster and Poolcar can close the loop on bookings, and increase vehicle security, so you always know who's booked a vehicle and where the keys are. Your fleet. Your rules.
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The tools of a healthy and safe organisation

EV fleet management

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Meridian Energy

A review of fleet utilisation data helped Meridian discover that the majority of fleet trips were short distances that were within the range of EVs. It also identified areas that were beyond the current EV range, which presented an opportunity for Meridian to install EV charging infrastructure.
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Smartrak was chosen to provide comprehensive fleet management software and GPS tracking hardware across Plunket’s fleet. AVL tracking hardware provided accurate data on where vehicles were located. The solution also enabled driver behaviour and vehicle speed reporting through the software interface.
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