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Are fleet vehicle savings your way to a better utilisation of budgets and resources?

As university populations grow and the expectations of society and employers become more diverse, budgets are getting tighter. In an operational environment where educators are expected to do more with less identifying efficiencies has become a key requirement, and the shared vehicle fleet is a prime target to realise much-needed cost and management efficiencies.

This is also an area where responsibilities for staff and student safety come into focus, with duty of care and legislative requirements placing explicit expectations on managers.

Smartrak has the solutions for these challenges, helping your establishment to meet its budgeting, operational and safety requirements, through vehicle fleet clarity that supports effective control, and reduces the management burden.

Increasing demand on services, tight budgets and the logistics of providing for a 24-hour operation are all factors in the growing management and fiscal pressures facing healthcare providers.

In this environment it is vital that you can drive improved efficiencies, while still providing fleet support to staff who are involved in time-sensitive tasks that are frequently critical to health outcomes. A vehicle management solution that’s responsive, identifies waste and reduces the management burden frees resources for other tasks, and delivers operational efficiencies to better utilise your people.

As a not-for-profit you are acutely aware that money is hard to come by. You also understand that the organisations and people who devote money to your cause intend as much of that as possible to be spent on good works, not vehicles.

Of course, there are very good reasons why you need vehicles, but are you making the best use of them; could you make do with fewer, do you have the right mix of vehicles?

You may also be questioning how much administration time it takes to manage your vehicles. If you rely on volunteers you will be wanting valuable staff-hours spent on achieving your aims, on making a difference where it matters, not going through the time-consuming paperwork that inevitably accompanies managing a vehicle fleet responsibly.

What do you want to achieve?

Improve visibility

Improved visibility of your fleet enables the effective allocation and reservation of shared vehicles for staff or task requirements, and ensures that vehicle keys are securely managed.

Improve efficiencies

Reduce the time staff spend looking for fleet vehicle keys, or running around trying to collect and return vehicles, improving staff efficiency and making vehicle access frictionless.

Ensure compliance

Ensure only authorised staff are using fleet vehicles, and they are licenced to operate the vehicles they reserve.

Keep your staff safe

Be it driving or operating as a lone worker in the field, Smartrak helps keep staff safe, encouraging safe behaviours and notifying the organisation when the unexpected happens.

Reduce administration

Reduce the administrative burden in managing your fleet, and keys. Freeing up valuable staff resources for the work that really matters to your organisation.


Will sharing the vehicles in your fleet open up opportunities to maximise efficiencies and reduce costs?

Smartrak’s Pool Booking solution brings clarity to fleet management, allowing users to immediately see which vehicles are available, and when they are scheduled to be booked out.

With this level of visibility you can share a fleet across departments, with like-minded organisations and community groups, or even with another company. The system will track vehicle usage, apportion costs, record all maintenance and fuel costs, and accept automated reservations from authorised users. The system will also control who has access to vehicles, with checks on licence type, and permissions regarding the time of day that a vehicle can be used or needs to be returned by.

Is managing vehicles taking up too much of your time?

Smartrak’s Pool Booking solution takes the headache out of vehicle and equipment allocations, allowing greater visibility of your shared fleet, its use and availability whilst improving accessibility.

The Pool Booking solution provides an easy to use self-service function to make online bookings, record the destination, and add any notes related to the journey.

Pool booking isn’t just limited to vehicles either, if your organisation uses trailers, EV chargers, generators or shared devices such as laptops and Ipads, these can be managed too.

Do you have problems with vehicle keys not being available?

Key management can be a persistent problem with pool vehicles, and a solution that securely controls who access to them, and ensures they are available when needed (night or day) will remove a recurring, but totally unnecessary issue.

Whether your challenges range from the inconvenient (misplaced or forgotten keys) to the fraudulent (taking keys for unauthorised personal use), Smartrak’s KeyMaster management system will bring the structure, clarity and control you require.


Integrated key box

Over 566,338 key movements is testament to five years of R&D and continuous refinement to deliver a low-cost, high value-add electronic key cabinet solution. Prompt drivers for data on Check-In, such as parking location, fuel level and if maintenance is needed. Automatically cancel no show bookings and alert administrators to overdue bookings when keys are not returned on time. Thanks to the integrated pin-hole security camera,  there is no dispute when the speeding ticket arrives! Learn more or watch a video.

One of Smartrak's key managemet solutions - KeyMaster Cabinet
Keyless Entry

… Or go keyless!

After three years of R&D, our in-house designed vehicle keyless entry product is now available. Lock and unlock cars with just a smartphone or RFID/proximity card using the latest IoT techologies. Contact Us to express interest in our pilot program. Learn more..


… All of it integrated and managed in a single system!

Smartrak’s Pool Booking provides a platform to manage, monitor and book your fleet’s shared vehicles and assets.

As part of Smartrak’s platform, Pool Booking takes the headache out of vehicle and equipment allocations, allowing greater visibility of your shared fleet, its use and availability whilst improving accessibility.

The Pool Booking solution provides an easy to use self-service function to make online bookings, record the destination, and add notes related to the journey.

Pool Booking isn’t just limited to tracked assets either, with virtualised assets able to be added to help manage their use and allocation. Examples of this include EV chargers, generators and personal safety devices.

Improve your fleet’s pool vehicle management today!

Pool Booking

How Key Management Benefits Your Fleet

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