Navigating COVID-19

Ensure your fleet is COVID-19 ready with these resources

KeyMaster hygiene

Simple tips to enhance the safe and hygienic use of KeyMaster systems

We compiled a list of simple tips to ensure that our KeyMaster customers can maintain the safe and hygienic storage of fleet keys.

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Smartrak COVID-19 Mobile Forms

Mobile Forms enable Fleet Managers streamline pre-and-post trip checklists. Learn how we’ve set up a standard COVID-19 checklist to help our Mobile Forms customers implement standardised fleet sanitising procedures.

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Driver uses Mobile Forms before getting in vehicle
Managing COVID-19 Within your fleet

INFOGRAPHIC – Managing COVID-19 within your fleet

This simple infographic will give you some some simple tips to help manage COVID-19 in your fleet.

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Fleet traceability during COVID-19

Fleet traceability is an important feature for any Fleet Manager during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how PoolCar can help you initiate contact tracing should one of your staff members get infected with COVID-19.

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Cleaning the inside of a vehicle
Covid-19 can kickstart your transition to MaaS

How COVID-19 can kickstart your transition to MaaS

The COVID-19 pandemic is the perfect opportunity to rethink about how your organisation’s fleet is used on a daily basis. Learn about MaaS and how it can help your fleet.

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