Crash Detection comes to Nextrak!

Crash Detection is now available on Nextrak! Supporting incident detection across your whole vehicle fleet, including EVs and PHEVs, whilst supporting its core capabilities of live EV data.

What is Crash Detection?

Crash Detection is a sophisticated feature designed to enhance the safety and security of your fleet. By utilising advanced sensors and state-of-the-art algorithms, Nextrak can now accurately detect and report vehicle collisions in real-time. This new capability not only helps ensure the well-being of your drivers but also provides crucial data for proactive incident response and supporting insurance claims.

Key Benefits of Crash Detection

  1. Immediate Alerts: One of the most critical aspects of crash management is timely response. With Crash Detection, you will receive instant notifications when a collision is detected. This allows you to act quickly and ensure the safety and status of your drivers.
  2. Accurate Data Collection: The feature provides comprehensive crash reports that include vital information such as the location, time, and severity of the incident. This data is invaluable for conducting thorough retrospect analysis.
  3. Vehicle Calibration: To ensure the highest accuracy of alerts, we calibrate the crash detection thresholds on a per-vehicle basis. This means that the sensitivity settings are tailored to the specific type of vehicle; whether it's a truck or a passenger vehicle. This calibration not only improves the precision of Crash Detection but also allows fleet managers to tune the thresholds according to their sensitivity requirements. By customising the settings to suit the unique needs of your fleet, you can achieve optimal performance and reliability from Smartrak's Crash Detection feature.
  4. Insurance Support: Reliable and accurate data is crucial for processing insurance claims. The detailed reports generated by Crash Detection can help streamline the claims process, potentially reducing the time and effort required to settle disputes.

How Does Crash Detection Work?

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Nextrak continuously monitors the status of each vehicle in your fleet, detecting potential collisions as they happen.
  • Automated Alerts: In the event of a crash, Nextrak automatically generates and delivers detailed alerts to your designated contacts.
  • Seamless Integration: The Crash Detection feature integrates seamlessly within Smartrak’s telematics platform, providing a unified and user-friendly experience.

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