Dashboards provide clear and powerful way for organisations to gain a snapshot of fleet performance. Fleet Managers can gain insights into the distances vehicles have recently travelled, as well as the utilisation percentage of pooled vehicles.

Health and Safety Officers can diagnose the quality of staff driving through overspeed reports, as well as a comprehensive driver safety score.

Dashboards are usable, actionable information delivered in a way that ensures organisations have visibility of information that genuinely empowers decision making.

Key Features

See at a glance how your fleet is performing
Highlights driver safety and pool utilistaion
Available to all Smartrak telematics customers

Dashboards Overview

"The dashboard module really gave us an insight as to how much travel is done by our organisation in a day. The quick and easy visual of this made it clear to us that we need to implement a change in the amount of vehicles that are possibly traveling the same route every day. It also highlighted the need to dig deeper and understand what this travel is made up of i.e. travelling between offices, travelling to remote sites and diesel vs electric trips."

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Dashboard Widgets


These insights from your telematics data enable managers to monitor the overall distance travelled by the fleet and to help identify trends in trip distances. This will aid improvements in vehicle selection and managing peak demand.

Trip Distance

These insights from Telematics data enable managers to monitor the length of trips travelled by the fleet and to help optimise fleet composition and size.

Driver safety score

The driver safety insights from Telematics data with Real Road Speed (RRS) enabled, provides an objective insight into true driver safety. These insights will help correct mistakes, improve compliance with driving policy, enhance driver safety and help to address driver fatigue.


These insights from Telematics data with RRS enabled provide managers with an easy-to-read summary of overspeeding incidents and help identify when and where overspeeding behaviour is most prevalent (the days of the week and time of day). These insights help target efforts to reduce driver, passenger and pedestrian risk.

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