Do you know where your workers are in an emergency?

Bushfires, flooding, earthquakes, cyclones; would you know where your staff are if disaster struck?

Disasters can happen without any warning or notice. Your first concern during a disaster is likely to be the safety of your staff. Smartrak can help ensure you can find each other quickly.

In crisis situations, it's important that you can check on the location and safety of your staff as quickly as possible. From knowing whether they are in an affected area, to be able to contact them or receive distress communications should they get caught in a disaster zone.

Smartrak provides a platform that enables quick visualisation and communications between staff and your operations centre. The use of personal safety devices and in-vehicle monitoring provides you and your staff, with high accuracy, near real-time location data to locate and even communicate with them during an emergency.

Smartrak customers have been able to use Smartrak to direct their staff out of high risk or disaster-affected areas or identify where staff in a disaster-affected area are located to direct emergency services to.

Locating and contacting your staff to assess their safety should always be your priority. Smartrak is here to help you do it faster and more accurately.

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