Duress Pendant

Use the vehicle’s onboard tracking to provide duress alerts to team members

Now team members can carry out duties beyond the vehicle and still benefit from an alert capability that summons help, if required
Extends support up to 200m from the vehicle
Links back to the vehicle’s onboard AVL
Dual cellular/satellite connectivity sends alerts from anywhere
Supports up to 4 Duress Pendants
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Utilise the onboard AVL to protect staff working away from the vehicle

The versatile Duress Pendant leverages the tracking and reporting functionality of a vehicle with an AVL installed to extend alert functionality to the work team. Up to four employees can be equipped with a Pendant each and be sure that they can trigger an alert as long as they are within 200m of the vehicle.

The small and unobtrusive Duress Pendant is ideal for a range of operational situations, from meter readers or animal control officers in an urban environment, to Linesmen in remote locations. With dual cellular/satellite connectivity, the Duress Pendant brings welcome support to any worker who has to leave the vehicle.

Hazardous maintenance tasks away from the vehicle or duties that involve interactions with the public can be carried out with the confidence of knowing that an alert back to base is at hand, if needed.

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Duress Pendant
Product Features

Unobtrusive design

The discrete and easy to carry Duress Pendant allows an employee to send an alarm discreetly, avoiding the potential of escalating a situation.

Small size yet powerful connectivity

Utilising the vehicle’s onboard AVL allows the Duress Pendant to access both cellular and satellite networks for dependable operation in even the most remote locations.

Alert confidence

Pressing two buttons simultaneously triggers an alert, then an illuminated LED confirms that the alert has been activated.

How it works

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