Universities and educational institutions are increasingly required to provide extended and cost effective services to their staff and students.

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Universities and Education Providers

Facing tight deadlines, stretched budgets and large staff numbers, healthcare organisations face the ongoing pressure to perform time-sensitive and life-changing operations. With large numbers of staff, all with their own priorities moving about managing the daily logistics is a challenging and time-consuming undertaking.

With constricting funding, and increasing levels of dependency on services, healthcare fleet and operations teams are seeking opportunities to reduce costs without diminishing the quality of patient care.

Improve visibility

Improved visibility of your fleet enables the effective allocation and reservation of shared vehicles for staff or task requirements, and ensures that vehicle keys are securely managed.

Improve efficiencies

Reduce the time staff spend looking for fleet vehicle keys, or running across the complex to collect and return vehicles, improving staff efficiency and making vehicle access frictionless.


Ensure only authorised staff are using fleet vehicles and they are licenced to operate the vehicles they reserve.

Keep your staff safe

Be it driving or operating as a lone worker in the field, Smartrak helps keep healthcare staff safe, encouraging safe behaviours and notifying the organisation when the unexpected happens.

Reduce administration

Reduce the administrative burden in managing your fleet, and keys. Freeing up valuable staff resources for the work that really matters to your organisation.

Education establishments depend on Smartrak’s innovative and proven solutions to support the efficient operation of shared fleets

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GPS does one of the big things Smartrak tells me all the time, which is you can reduce your fleet, reduce your capital, or operating cost.

Nick Robilliard, Meridian Energy

We’ve put our Yarra Valley Water service area and bushfire overlay zones on there, which has been great from being able to tell where the works are occurring that should be taking place in those areas, depending on the different fire danger days.

Dave McLennon , Yarra Valley Water

Smartrak’s reporting, particularly the ability of the system to email suppliers of impending maintenance and service requirements, is excellent.

Wayne Hunt, Top Energy


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