It’s easy to understand why more organisations are moving to a pool booking system for their fleets. Consider these major benefits:

Decreasing your fleet size

If you are trying to resize your fleet, pool booking can most definitely help. Pool booking systems allow you to run reports and track vehicle utilisation. These reports can assist key decision-makers to determine whether the fleet is being utilised properly and efficiently.

Reducing time, costs and resources

Managers can automate and track maintenance records, vehicle usage and odometer readings to save staff time. Not to mention an increase in data accuracy and a decrease in manual data reporting.

Through an automated system, no full-time employee will need to administer vehicle bookings. Billing processes are also made easier by sending usage bills through automatic reporting.

Improve the tracking of pool vehicles

Are you aware where your vehicles are at all times? With a pool booking system in place, your organisation can clearly identify where any company vehicle is at any given time.

Through the system, your staff can receive real-time notifications that will update them on any vehicle reservation that they have made.

Increased fleet vehicle utilisation

Organisations today want to make sure that they have the right-sized fleet to maximise utilisation. With a pool booking system, vehicles can be utilised properly through automatic scheduling, dispatching and returns which helps in reducing vehicle downtime.

Improved vehicle usage flexibility

Without having a pool booking in place, employees are left in the dark, unsure of where a vehicle is, whether it is being serviced or taken out for work.

Introducing a fleet pool booking system allows employees to book vehicles in advance and see which vehicles are available for use.

Accurate and improved reporting

Through the pool booking system, your organisation can have a better understanding of what is happening with your fleet. You can program maintenance alerts based on mileage so that they are sent through the pool booking system. Vehicle whereabouts are also reported, providing increased knowledge and transparency for your organisation.

Improved customer service and relations

Providing convenience is key to excellent customer service. Through a pool booking system, drivers are able to reserve vehicles at any given time, pick up keys right before the reservation and drop off keys without an attendant being present.