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Streamlining day-to-day EV fleet management

Supercharge your future fleet with a powerful suite of custom-built EV management tools
Seamlessly Integrate EVs and PHEVs into your fleet
Address range anxiety through real-world usage data
Remotely monitor EV battery data, range and charge status
Power your fleet's transition to a sustainable future
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Use Live Battery Data to make informed decisions about your fleet

Seamlessly integrate and manage EVs across your fleet

Streamline the day-to-day management of your EVs

As organisations pivot to sustainable fleets, EV fleet management has grown from a niche concept into a vital part of a successful fleet management strategy. But with new technology comes new challenges that would be unthinkable five, even ten years ago. EV Battery charge reporting, maximising charging infrastructure utilisation, range anxiety, and vehicle suitability are just some of the things that Fleet Managers are now having to face on a day-to-day basis.

At Smartrak, we understand how valuable your time is. You’ve only got so many hours in each day – the last thing you want to be doing is wasting time in the car park checking the charge on each EV in your fleet. Our EV fleet management tools are designed to provide a real-time snapshot of your electric vehicle fleet, while providing actionable insights on how to get the most out of your next-gen fleet.

The future of fleets is exciting. Managing it should be too.

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Electric Vehicle Fleet Management
Product Features

Real-time EV battery data

Understanding the current charge of every single electric vehicle is a critical piece of the EV fleet management puzzle. Our EV battery data is pulled directly from Nextrak, our next-gen EV telematics solution.
Remotely monitor the current charge state of your entire fleet at the click of a mouse button. This ensures you can quickly gain a snapshot of every EV battery, giving you the ability to forward plan. It easily identifies vehicles that need to be recharged at the end of each day.

Eliminate EV range anxiety

Overcoming anxiety around your EV fleet's range is an important step on the journey towards effective EV fleet management. With Nextrak, managers can immediately view a vehicle's current predicted range straight in the map interface. Simply select a vehicle and navigate to dedicated EV tab from the vehicle's information window. This provides a clear overview of how far the vehicle can be expected to travel on its current charge.
This real-time data gives you and your employees the confidence that the chosen vehicle has the range to get you there and back again.

Know when a vehicle is 100% charged

Charges have become the backbone of any EV fleet. There's nothing worse than jumping into an EV only to discover that the battery is flat and the last person didn't bother to plug it in.
Unless you're planning on installing a charger for every single vehicle, you'll need a way to know when an EV is plugged in and if its fully charged. Our real-time EV data can show you which vehicles are plugged in to charge, and if they're ready to be swapped out for a different vehicle.

Your EV Fleet Management Toolkit

We recognise that no two fleets are the same. Our EV fleet management solutions are designed to give you to toolkit you need to start streamlining the day-to-day tasks so you can make the decisions that will make a different. Regardless of what your sustainability goals may be.

EV Tracking

Understand the distances your EVs travel on any given day. Gain utilisation data so you can make informed decisions about future EV transitions. 

Utilisation Insights

Identify opportunities to further electrify your fleet. Ensure that vehicles are being used properly and employees are encouraged to adopt EVs.

Charging Insights

Visualise in-field chargers directly in the Smartrak map. Know when EVs are plugged in and charging, while streamlining employee journey planning.

Battery Data

Real-time battery data provides a snapshot of your fleet's current charge levels. Identify and prioritise vehicles that are low on charge.

Range Insights

Give end-users the knowledge and confidence around current EV range. Ensure vehicles are charged for future trips.

Emissions Reporting

Automated emissions reporting conforms to ISO14064-1 standards. Benchmark your fleet emissions and measure your fleet's progress.

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Meridian Energy
Smartrak's GPS tracking solutions provided Meridian Energy with data on trips undertaken by their fleet. This gave Meridian Energy the confidence to transition their fleet to Electric Vehicles.
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What exactly is electric vehicle fleet management?

EV fleet management is the day-to-day management of all the EVs in your fleet. Unlike standard ICE vehicles, EVs require a bit more planning. By utilising 4G telematics designed specifically for EVs we can capture valuable real-time data to streamline the day-to-day tasks required to keep an EV fleet running.

I have a mixture of EVs and ICE vehicles. Can I take advantage of Smartrak's EV fleet management solution?

Absolutely! Our EV fleet management solution is the next step in our telematics software. You can combine ICE, Hybrids, PHEVs, and BEVs all in the one solution. And as the makeup of your fleet changes, your fleet data can help you prioritise which vehicles to switch to make the biggest impact.

I need to report on my annual fleet emissions. Can you do that in Smartrak?

If you're a New Zealand customer, our solution integrates with the New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA) to ensure the correct emissions profile is used for each vehicle. Combined with data produced by Smartrak’s tracking data, you can automatically compile an emissions report for all tracked vehicles.
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