Enabling the full features of Pool Booking

Pool booking is an incredibly powerful tool for companies with shared fleets. The benefits of a shared fleet are well proven - with improved asset and vehicle utilisation and reduced overheads being key drivers for their implementation.

Pool Booking solutions help organisations create some logic, processes, and visibility around the use of the shared fleet.

Key features that Pool Booking solutions include:

  • Providing a platform for booking or reserving vehicles.
  • An interface that outlines available vehicles
  • Allows filtering and identification of vehicles to suit needs
  • Sharing the use of the fleet across all vehicles - and even prioritising older vehicles, to reduce instances of favouritism of vehicles
  • Driver Identification and tracking of drivers at times
  • Assign charge out rates to streamline job costing and invoicing.

Smartrak's Pool Booking module is a robust solution that provides these key features and more. But the marrying of onboard GPS in vehicles further optimises and improves its functionality by being able to take advantage of geofence alerts and automatic check-in / check-out leaving and arriving back at the carpark or office which it is based.

Tracking and a fully featured set of inputs from these pool vehicles isn't always a priority for organisations. In these cases, the cost of installing GPS hardware often can appear prohibitive against the extra feature sets opened through being GPS enabled. But this isn't doesn't need to be the case.

Smartrak offers a range of in-vehicle GPS solutions to suit a range of budgets and data requirements. Our core AVL product is an incredibly flexible solution for GPS tracking with an array of inputs, they are the standard product that we would recommend for most in vehicle tracking solutions. But an even more affordable solution is Smartrak's OBDII.

The OBDII is a simple plug and play device that connects directly into the OBD port of your vehicles, reducing the time for installation and even enabling self-installation. They have all the basic requirements of GPS tracking to integrate with our fleet management features including overspeed reporting, GPS tracking and geofence alerts, but without some of the more advanced integrations including high impact and rollover, options for duress button integration and satellite connectivity or driver behaviour inputs from high g-force events such as harsh acceleration and braking.

By integrating GPS based devices, your fleet can leverage the full feature set of Pool Booking whilst also taking advantage of the additional value derived from a robust fleet management tool and tracked vehicles.

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