EV Initiative

Join industry leaders in shaping the EV Enablement products of tomorrow

What is the EV Enablement Initiative?

At Smartrak, we develop software through three distinct channels, all underpinned by engagement with our customers.

Product Roadmap
Outlines future product functionality and new features to be developed in the following 12 months.

Professional Services
Where specific features, insights or functionality are required by an organisation, Smartrak's Professional Services team will work with our customers to develop the right solution. This is a paid service.

A design thinking-led approach that utilises customer co-design via a Special Interest Group (SIG) of 5-10 customers.

SIG members have the opportunity to share their input and feedback on the functionality and user interface of our new product, as well as learn from other customers' experiences and insights. All customer input is equal and valued in this collaborative process.

The goal of Initiatives is to deliver a defined and agreed product within a year that meets your needs and expectations. Customers who participate in the SIG have first access to the new product and input into the design.

The Market Voice

Three focus areas to make your EV transition seamless

Enhanced EV and Sustainability reporting


Simplifying the management of EVs


Enhancing the booking experience for end users


Co-design to optimise your EV experience

The following pages take you through some high-level concepts we believe would deliver significant value to your organisations. They are concepts designed to address the problems we've been told are our customers top priorities.

  • A lack of remote charge information makes management of EVs time consuming and prone to last-minute re-booking
  • Staff preferentially select ICE vehicles to mitigate the risk of insufficient charge at collection or need to re-charge on longer journeys
  • Poor utilisation of EVs
  • Emissions reductions targets not being met
  • Inability to know whether EVs are being used for all suitable journeys
  • Lack of knowledge into reasons EVs are not being selected

However, we know they aren't perfect, and they may not be your top priorities. That is where your role in the SIG comes in.

Help us modify, tweak, discard, or develop new tools that enable you to get the most out of your EVs and meet your sustainability goals.


EV charge status is just the beginning

Smartrak is excited about our new Nextrak device and the opportunities it brings for future capabilities. Nextrak is a new breed of hardware that integrates and surfaces data from vehicle CANbus systems directly into Smartrak.

Smartrak has led off the integration for EVs to surface critical vehicle information around battery state, electric range and charging status. With this data alone, a wealth of possibilities and reports can be derived. We're making this data visible to fleet administrators in real-time, and we're exploring where else in our product suite we can integrate the data - such as PoolCar, our Pool Booking solution to support the end-user experience as well.


  • It's the number one piece of data our customers ask for.
  • On-site smart chargers only give you part of the story (when they're plugged in).
  • Range anxiety and other EV-related challenges require the support of data to address.


While today we are capturing and displaying your EV charge status, we know there is even more that can be developed and leveraged. There are so many possibilities and we're excited to work with our customers to prioritise the information needed. Your insights help inform our Development Roadmap and Initiatives, and we imagine some of the following data points will be of interest:

  • Battery Health
  • Time to Complete Charge
  • Odometer
  • Engine Warnings