Five ways key management will benefit your fleet

It can be an onerous job, managing an organisation’s fleet. The work never seems to end; with a vast array of responsibilities that include tracking many varied vehicles, ensuring vehicles are always operating effectively, and carefully controlling the access staff have to the fleet. Fortunately for Fleet Managers, technological advancements in recent years have resulted in the creation of successful key management systems that can address many of the difficulties associated with being a fleet manager in an organised and audit-able way.

Keeping staff accountable

A primary benefit of having an effective key management system in place is that it provides absolute clarity and assurance over vehicle usage. Key management systems have become capable of doing more than just carefully monitoring which vehicles are currently being used or are available. Key management systems are now being widely used by organisations to protect their fleet from being exploited by staff. Managers are now able to quickly access records to investigate when the key to a vehicle was removed, by whom, and when they were returned. This information is valuable if a vehicle is returned damaged, defaced, or with a mileage higher than expected.

Tracking your assets

As a Fleet Manager, it can be extremely stressful trying to manage company assets that are continually changing location. Having a centralised system in place to carefully monitor this in a simplistic and organised way gives a lot of control back to the fleet management team. The ability to accurately track every key in your fleet with an accessible and up to date system provides fleet management with consistent and reliable knowledge of which vehicles are in use, and where they have been returned to.

Stops keys from getting lost

Having a system in place to accurately track every key of your fleet minimises the risk of suffering the financial strain of misplaced vehicle keys. Replacing vehicle keys can be very expensive, particularly for modern vehicles which are paired with modern electronic key fobs. On top of the financial costs, losing a vehicle key raises several security concerns before the re-keying process is completed. Having your fleet’s keys controlled and stored in a key management system allows fleet management teams to quickly track any lost keys, and drastically decreases the risks of the issues listed above.

Manages servicing solutions

It is the responsibility of an organisations fleet management team to ensure the entire fleet is properly maintained, and in a state for optimal use. This can be very exhausting process to manually manage in fleets spread across various locations, constantly being taken out at different times by different people. Class-leading key management systems can manage this for you. Key management systems allow drivers to make notes of any issues they have with a vehicle in an organised and easily accessible system.

Key management systems give Fleet Managers the opportunity to effectively manage and monitor all of their fleet’s keys. Ranging from consistently knowing the location of company vehicles and keys, minimising the costs of replacing misplaced keys, protecting company assets from theft and exploitation, to properly ensuring your fleet has adequately maintained key tracking systems are invaluable for fleets and organisations of all sizes.

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