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Track, manage and schedule your fleet’s servicing

Gain improved fleet reliability and reduce the admin workload
Automated alerts keep track of maintenance schedules
Also integrates with non-tracked assets
Enhances fleet reliability and productivity
Supports regulatory compliance
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The automated solution to keep your fleet running

Smartrak’s Fleet Servicing module helps you reduce the amount of manual administration and cross-checking. Automated alerts and custom service schedules help you stay proactive in the maintenance of your fleet, reducing operating costs and avoiding unexpected fleet downtime. Alerts and scheduling can also extend beyond vehicles, with non-tracked assets and plant also able to be integrated. Non-tracked assets might include items such as annual reviews of fire extinguishers to EWP (elevated work platforms) insulation compliance.

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Fleet Servicing
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Some vehicles have servicing milestones based on milage while others follow regular time periods, and specialist items of equipment may have specific numbers of hours between service requirements. Depending on the composition of your fleet, there can be a range of servicing events, which makes it a challenge to keep track of everything, particularly if you are relying on a spreadsheet to remind you what is due and when.

Smartrak’s automated fleet servicing solution manages the whole process for you, with alerts in a unified calendar to let you know when scheduled services are coming up. This is the service and maintenance resource that can be completely tailored to meet your requirements, providing a global overview of the entire fleet and highlighting those upcoming events that need your attention.

If you require alerts one week out, a month or two months in advance, this solution will accommodate your requirements, and it will notify other parties such as drivers or team leaders so they are also aware of upcoming maintenance and servicing events.

A Robust And Comprehensive Budgeting Tool

Gain valuable clarity over servicing and maintenance costs with a solution that tracks, forecasts, and highlights cost trends across your fleet. Smartrak’s fleet servicing solution allows you to accurately identify the current and future servicing and maintenance budget for your fleet. The insights provided will also pinpoint those vehicles that are costing the most to maintain and identify which vehicles should be retired first.

The Digital Advantage

Smartrak’s integrated fleet servicing and maintenance solution enrols fleet managers and vehicle users in a seamless program where shared information keeps everyone better informed. By utilising Mobile Forms, on a device provided by Smartrak, or the user’s own iPhone, iPad or Android device drivers become valuable contributors to fleet performance.

Pre-start checks that you can configure to meet your organisation’s operational requirements will provide confidence that essential checks are carried out (coolant and oil levels, lights, brakes, etc.). This is a vital step in ensuring longer life and trouble-free running for your vehicles. Additionally, aspects such as cleaning and sanitising of vehicles can be reported on through digital checks that provide real-time information back to fleet managers to support your organisation’s health and safety goals.

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