Fringe Benefit Tax Reporting

Ensuring your organisation is meeting its reporting and compliance requirements take time and effort and can be an administrative burden.

Smartrak has a variety of products and reports that are designed to use tracking information to make these compliance and financial processes more accurate and less time-consuming including the ability to provide evidence-based Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) claims.

Fringe Benefit Tax is a tax an organisation pays on non-cash benefits provided to employees and can include the use of a company vehicle for personal use. During the Pool Booking process, a booking can be marked as ‘Private Use’ and this information can be used as supporting evidence when submitting an FBT return.

Smartrak’s Fleet Management System is Australian Tax Office compliant meaning our Australian customers who utilise the Logbook Trip Report and Logbook Vehicle Summary Report can directly input these reports into their FBT reporting obligations.

Key Features

Streamline financial processes
Evidence-based claims
More accurate and less time-consuming claims process
ATO compliant

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