Garmin fleet 790

Digital integration is closing the gap between head office and operations in the field, and the Garmin 790 system is the work-ready solution that will help achieve this for your organisation.

By combining Smartrak’s powerful telematic analysis and Garmin’s class-leading navigation technology we’re providing remote workers with a productivity tool that offers genuine benefits, both in and out of the vehicle, and we’re creating a pathway to enterprise-wide digital integration for management.

Key Features

  • Operates on the Android platform to integrate with your existing management programs. Opens the door to online job sheets, reporting, time sheets and more via customised apps.

  • Plug and play installation removes the need to take vehicles out of service for the more complex and expensive installations required with many other systems.

  • Feature-packed Garmin 790 with full GPS navigation capability, speed detection and dual-purpose camera, all included within a suite of productivity tools that offer value in and out of the cab.

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garmin mobile workforce integration
Remote workforce management

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