Proven solutions for a safer organisation

Health and Safety eBook

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Proven solutions for a safer organisation

Regardless whether your staff work across various sites, interact with the public, undertake late-night security patrols, or travel to remote regions, there is a need to provide a safe working environment. To achieve this, organisations rely on technology to connect lone workers to their managers or support staff.

What you’ll learn from this eBook

Health and safeft is an important component of every organisations. Our 10-page eBook outlines the various types of workers in your organisation, and the kinds of situations that can benefit from having a dedicated health and safety solution.

What you’ll get from this eBook

  • Vehicle-based safety solutions
  • Lone worker safety
  • Discreet solutions when engaging with the public
  • Fall and accident alerts
  • Health and safety device reception options
  • Advantages of third-party monitoring
  • The importance of using the Hierarchy of Control Measures