High Impact and Rollover

As today’s workforce continues to shift to a more mobile workforce it is getting more difficult for organisations to manage the risks these workers face. It can be hard to know when and where a worker needs help. At Smartrak, we are dedicated to delivering the highest level of safety for your mobile workforce and this extends to your ability to respond to emergencies involving your people and vehicles.

Smartrak’s High Impact and Rollover Detection Alert feature can detect and report when a vehicle is in a collision or rolls over, providing customers with the ability to maximise their response, either managed internally or via a third-party monitoring company. Alerts are sent via the cellular network or satellite if vehicles are fitted with satellite modems. Offering both cellular and satellite options significantly enhances management’s ability to provide dependable cover, and to respond to driver distress resulting from a vehicle emergency wherever they are working.

Key Features

  • Ability to move between cellular and satellite communication as required

  • The ability to display an adverse event on the Smartrak map site in (near) real-time

  • Notifications that improve emergency response times by detailing the status and last known location of where an adverse event occurred

  • The ability to forward onto third-party monitoring companies

vehicle rollover

High Impact and Rollover Detection via cellular and satellite

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