How the OBD-II can enhance your GPS solution

We understand that every fleet is different. Some fleets are just starting their GPS tracking journey, while others are already reaping the benefits from fleet optimisation data. Regardless of where your fleet might be, there is an untapped opportunity to learn more about your fleet. Smartrak’s OBD-II presents the perfect route to enhance your GPS solution.

How the OBD-II can benefit your fleet

Regardless of the maturity of your fleet tracking solution, Smartrak’s OBD-II can help you take the next step to enhance your gps solution.

Plug and play

One of the advantages of the OBD-II is that it offers a simple, plug-and-play installation. Most modern vehicles have an OBD-II port which can be accessed with relative ease. This means you or your staff can do the installation yourself. Simply plug the device in, then contact our support desk to register the device to your Smartrak instance.

That means you don’t have to schedule an authorised installer to come out to your office. That means you don’t have to remove sections of your fleet from work rotations to hardwire GPS hardware into each vehicle. Instead, you can easily install the OBD-II hardware in your own time and at your own pace.

Flexibility when replacing fleet vehicles

Regardless of whether you choose to lease or purchase your vehicles, at some stage you’ll be looking to de-fleet old vehicles and acquire new ones. We talk a lot about how data from GPS tracking can help you make decisions about new fleet acquisitions. However, regardless of what new vehicles you acquire, at the end of the day you’ll still need to swap out GPS hardware in your new fleet acquisition.

The plug-and-play functionality of the OBD-II makes this transition simple and pain-free. Once the OBD-II has been transferred, we can register it against the new vehicle in Smartrak. By doing this transfer you can distinguish where the old vehicle’s data ends and the new vehicle data starts. Simply inform us that you’re transitioning the OBD-II to a new vehicle, and Smartrak will handle the rest.

Future proofed with 4G

When you invest in technology you want to be sure that you’re going to get a good return on that investment. Smartrak’s OBD-II takes advantage of the newer 4G mobile technology. This is important, as Telstra has announced that their the 3G network is being switched off in Australia in June 2024. While Vodafone has announced that its 3G operations will cease in New Zealand from late August 2024.
By choosing a 4G enabled device, you are effectively future proofing your investment in GPS tracking. It won’t be obsolete for a long while yet, so you’ll have the opportunity to maximise your ROI.

How the OBD-II can enhance your GPS solution

If you’ve already started the journey into fleet GPS tracking, then the OBD-II can offer a fantastic way to compliment your existing tracking solution. Perhaps you have some AVLs installed in your mission-critical vehicles.

Chances are that you don’t have tracking across all your fleet vehicles. The OBD-II can provide you with an affordable means of expanding tracking to a larger section of your fleet. This can be useful way to add tracking to vehicles that may not need the added tracking capabilities offered by our AVLs and Garmin devices.

If you don’t have an existing tracking solution

If you haven’t yet started the journey into fleet GPS tracking, then the OBD-II is a great entry point. It provides a lower barrier to entry and is cost effective. It also gives you the ability to test the waters before rolling GPS tracking to the rest of your fleet.

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