In-vehicle deployment

In-vehicle deployment of GPS technology can be a stressful time! Chances are you'll get pressure from the Operations Manager to get it done, you may face resistance from drivers, vehicle custodians, and field staff and... Your day job is not going anywhere with all your usual daily tasks and responsibilities.

Enter... YOUR Customer Success Manager (CSM)! Your CSM is going to be your best asset and key partner during this phase of the project. Below are some of the items your CSM will be able to help you out with, ensuring a successful deployment, satisfied stakeholders and a smooth transition to "business as usual" operations.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your CSM is here to ensure that your organisation obtains the maximum value out of your Smartrak solution. In order to achieve this, your CSM will ensure your organisation is primed with the right mix of training, strategy and best practices. We cover what your CSM is and isn't in a separate article, but during in-vehicle deployment, this translates to your CSM being focused on reducing the time it takes for your organisation to recognise value out of Smartrak's systems.

In order to achieve your deployment goals, and minimise the disruptions to your organisations, team up with your CSM to:

 1. Identify, communicate and share the same objectives

  • What does success look like?
  • What is a realistic schedule for vehicle availability?
  • Who will be trained first, and to achieve what?

 2. Help communicate to the rest of your organisation the status, stage and workload of the deployment

  • Your CSM can assist you in identifying issues and recognising successes
  • What are the reporting requirements for the project?
  • When is the project considered complete?

3. Ensure that your organisation gets the most added value from the solution

  • Identify internal Level 1 Support contact
  • Organise and schedule Quarterly Vendor Management meetings
  • Are there gaps that will need to be addressed during the next stage of the relationship?
  • Identify and plan future phases/solutions to implement

This work and the building of the relationship with your CSM will start before the deployment and continue to deliver value for your organisation throughout the duration of your partnership with Smartrak. Your CSM is there to ensure you make the most of Smartrak's systems, so be sure to make the most of having them.

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