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Infrastructure Services

In a highly competitive marketplace, organisations are looking for ways to differentiate. Metrics on contract performance, health and safety, insights, and unique metrics can all form a part of the story.

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Construction, infrastructure, and public works service providers use fleet management and health and safety solutions to support and finesse a range of functions such as job planning, costing, logistics, and driver and lone worker safety.

Operating in a highly competitive environment, and working within the constraints of contracted projects is generating increasing pressure to make informed decisions backed by insightful data.

Operators realise that Infrastructure personnel and services engaged or mandated for single contracts can prove costly and difficult to match with contracted periods, and therefore ensuring these projects are running lean but efficiently minimises the risk of budget overruns.

This improved and more effective project oversight also provides opportunities to exceed contractual requirements, delivering more effective ROI and improved outcomes. By capturing auxiliary information and activity effective project accounting is enabled and overall value to the client increased.

Health and safety are also core requirements for many contracts, with lone worker and driver safety being aspects where significant risk mitigation is required. Achieving this, for staff across multiple roles, and if necessary during interactions with the public, requires comprehensive solutions. The use of personal safety devices and appropriate policy and compliance initiatives all have a role to play in improving safety, which ultimately delivers better contractual outcomes and reduced disruption to projects.

In a highly competitive marketplace, organisations will discover that metrics on contract performance, health and safety, and historical insights can all provide ways to differentiate their offer.

Deliver contractual requirements

Fulfil and exceed contractual requirements, including health and safety compliance for lone workers and drivers by integrating robust and proven services.

Business intelligence

Integrate EyeQ APIs with your enterprise systems to further automate processes. Utilise Smartrak’s EyeQ Insights to easily drill down and identify trends and anomalies.

Productivity and utilisation

Maximise the value of your assets across every contract by tracking and reporting the productivity and utilisation of your assets, ensuring your projects are running lean and efficiently.

Reduce risk

With staff regularly working in the field, environmental risks and remoteness all play a factor in the safety and wellbeing of your staff. Smartrak’s fleet management and lone worker solutions provide the tools to reduce your organisation’s risk.

Integrated platform

The integration of a unified fleet management and health and safety platform provides organisations with the unique opportunity to implement a common system that allows the visualisation of all your organisation’s assets and staff.

Infrastructure services and public works organisations use Smartrak to support fulfillment of contractual requirements across fleet management and health and safety requirements.

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Case Study – Select Solutions

Select Solutions needed a solution to monitor and protect staff operating in a 630,000km2 region – much of it without cellular reception.

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