Smartrak Innovation

You need to keep your business on track for efficiency, profitability, and the ability to fulfil a duty of care for your employees. Our job is to help you do this.

We start by delivering great products and exceptional service. But we don’t stop there. We ask you to tell us about your goals and challenges.

By applying design-led thinking to these insights we find areas for innovation that are deeply rooted in your desired business outcomes.

This is our approach to innovation.

What is design-led thinking?

Design-led thinking describes a creative method for problem solving that involves you and your organisation as the central point of focus. Working with you on-site we aim to uncover the experiences, routines, emotions, and challenges that you and your staff encounter on a daily basis. The design for new or better products, processes, and services is led by these human insights, tested and refined to meet your needs in innovative ways.

Why do we do this?

We use design-led thinking to keep you and your goals at the heart of our product development, solution design, and system implementation. Design-led thinking is part of our innovation DNA internally. It is also an integral part of our commitment to building great, long-term partnerships with our customers.

How will Design-led thinking support your goals?

An initial discovery process allows us to truly understand how you are organised, how you conduct business, and what behaviours are prevalent. Through this we uncover where latent gaps are preventing you from reaching business goals.

Discoveries are documented and used to develop user-based solution hypotheses. Our project team engages in a “fail fast to succeed” development model based on the hypotheses, ultimately reaching a new product prototype. Prototypes are tested against your requirements before going into production.

The beauty of design-led thinking is the way in which your voice, your needs, and your outcomes drive our development.

This is The Smartrak Way.

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