InReach 66i

Satellite connectivity for maximum peace of mind

Dependable support for lone workers in even the most remote regions
Satellite connectivity
Two-way text messaging
Automated tracking
Go-anywhere durability
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Rugged dependability and class-leading features

Operating on the Iridium satellite network, the InReach 66i extends lone worker support into remote areas where cell phones don’t work. The InReach 66i is a ruggedized, durable device well suited to working in remote, demanding environments. The waterproof, dustproof and impact-resistant ratings ensure operation will be maintained across a wide range of environmental factors. The InReach 66i tracks the progress of the person carrying the device, providing visibility and peace of mind throughout the time spent in the field. Tracking is automatically enabled when the device is turned on and polling happens every 10 minutes when moving, or every 60 minutes when stationary (in order to preserve battery life). Moving is triggered when the carrier moves more than 50 metres.

To ensure the safety of users the InReach 66i offers manual duress, while the two-way text messaging ensures workers can continue to communicate with their managers irrespective of cellular reception.

Workers also have the option of using the check-in feature. This is useful when a worker will be moving out of satellite coverage, such as entering a basement. In this situation, the worker arranges to check-in at a predetermined time (once the task in the basement is completed). If no check-in is received, managers will know that a potential issue has occurred.

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InReach 66i
Product Features

Multiple ways to support lone workers

Automated tracking, check-ins and 2-way text messaging provide a range of options for maintaining visibility of lone workers and reliable communications.

IPX7 rated

Designed for maximum durability in harsh environments (waterproof, impact-resistant)

35 hour battery life

The long-lasting internal rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 35 hours of battery life in 10-minute tracking mode with a clear view to the sky

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