Make the most of professional services

At Smartrak, we pride ourselves on having an industry-leading, fully integrated fleet, asset management, and health and safety solution; providing significant value out of the box.  However, we recognise that some businesses may have unique requirements which add additional value beyond what is provided out of the box.

When organisations require specific features, insights or functionality that is not available "out of the box", Smartrak is open to exploring possibilities and discussing ways that these requirements can be delivered. Developing and implementing these unique requirements is done by Smartrak's Professional Services team.

Design Thinking

To ensure that our customers are realising the true value of the unique opportunities and services contracted, the underlying motives behind the requirements for these projects must first be understood.  Design Thinking is a methodology that provides an outcomes-based approach to solving problems by understanding the underlying needs involved and re-framing the problem in human-centric ways. The first stages of this methodology are 'empathy' and 'define', where the aim is gathering information and analysing it to define the roots of what our customers are wanting to address.

Engaging Smartrak's Professional Services?

If you believe Smartrak systems and products could help achieve your objectives, which in turn will benefit your business, the first step is engaging your designated Customer Success Manager (CSM). Your CSM will be your first point of contact and will verify whether your requirements can be achieved through configuration in our EyeQ™ platform. If the CSM believes some level of customisation is required, they will refer the case to our Professional Services team. The team will then start a conversation with you to try and understand as much as possible about your requirements and more importantly, your true objectives - achieving the right outcomes which maximise the value you will get from our Professional Services engagement.

Depending on complexity, we may need to dig deeper and work further with you to understand what the right outcomes look like, but normally after a few conversations, we will be in a position to provide a Statement of Work to carry on the work. This Statement of Work will be mutually agreed and signed off to ensure alignment.

Why is this the best way?

We believe that working with our customers and clearly understanding their core needs ensures the best possible outcome.  The better we collectively understand the problem statement, the better the solution.

More than often our personal biases and assumptions get in the way of truly understanding the issue at hand which drives us towards the wrong conclusions and, in turn, we end up with a solution that does not fully achieve our key objectives. By working together from the early stages, we can maximise the value delivered, and you get the most of it.

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