Smartrak recently embarked on a partnership with Whip Around to provide a pre-start check app for our customers.

Industry feedback showed that people wanted to know that their staff were driving a safe and compliant vehicle. During our brainstorming for the solution, we looked at self-development, which is how we usually manage new solutions. However, in this instance, we found Whip Around, which already had a great solution that was an ideal way to quickly meet our customers’ needs.

Whip Around is inherently easy to use with great features to enhance the user experience. Users in the field navigate on their Smartphone (or Garmin fleet 790 mobility hardware) to the Whip Around App.

The app has a list of forms that can be filled in. Typically, this would be a list of vehicle types and specific vehicles. The user chooses the right form and completes a checklist to complete the vehicle inspection. If something isn’t right on the vehicle, they can photograph it and add notes. This information is sent directly to the fleet manager, who can assess whether the vehicle can be used or not.

This is fantastic functionality and allows the user to feel confident that the vehicle they are using is roadworthy. At the same time, a fleet manager has real-time information to make decisions on their fleet. Non-compliant vehicles can be removed from the road and another vehicle allocated to the driver (made easier with Smartrak’s Pool Booking system).


Beyond pre-start checks

As we have been rolling out Whip Around with our customers, it has become apparent there are many more functions the application can be used for. You can set up a form that is needed in the field and have the driver complete that at appropriate times. Below is an outline of some expanded use cases.


Incident management

One of the first ideas was to use the system as an incident management solution. If a vehicle is involved in an accident, the driver can open Whip Around, move to an Accident Form and complete appropriate information including: photos of the damage, other drivers’ details, rego of vehicles, witness names and details, description of event, etc. The form can include who to call and a checkbox indicating the call has been made. This information is sent back to the fleet manager, who can make an assessment and complete any follow up they need to do.


Job management

While Whip Around isn’t designed for a detailed job form solution, it can be used as either a base solution or where only simple details are required. It could be as simple as a recording that a job was completed, materials used and time taken. This can be fed back to the Operations Manager or Finance team to allocate the costs to the job that has been completed.


Fault reporting

Drivers who are regularly out in the field can report any faults they may find. For example, a Council employee could report potholes, graffiti and damaged equipment. A network operator could report on faults and damage to property.

As Whip Around is a forms-based application that is completely customisable by the company using it, there are limitless possibilities. Smartrak is continually working with our customers on feedback as to how the system is or could be used and we’re here to talk if you would like to know more.