New vehicle emissions widget for Smartrak dashboard

Since we launched the Smartrak Dashboard in June, we’ve gotten some incredible feedback about how its helping organisations better understand how their fleets are performing. But the launch was only the start of the Dashboard journey.

We’ve been hard at work on a new widget that utilises the data from our brand-new emissions reporting solution. This new widget will provide top-level insights into your fleets’ current emissions and will highlight which vehicles are the worst performers. it will also help organisations identify which vehicles could be replaced with EVs or hybrids.

The new emissions widget is now live in the Smartrak Dashboard. At this stage it will only be available to NZ customers with telematics. We are still exploring the potential of bringing this feature across to Australia in the near future. The full dashboard, including the new emissions widget can be seen below.

Please get in touch to find out more information on how Smartrak can help you improve the accuracy of your emission reporting.

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