Next-generation EV fleet telematics

Streamline the day-to-day management of your EV fleet
A single solution to manage and monitor your EV fleet
Real-time EV battery data streamlines day-to-day management
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Use Live battery data to make informed Decisions 

Visibility of critical EV information to streamline fleet operations

A next-gen EV tracking solution

Regardless of whether you’re just starting your journey towards a more sustainable fleet or you’re already fully electric, this is the solution for you. Nextrak provides real-time battery data directly in Smartrak, offering instant visibility of essential EV information. At a glance learn what an EV’s current battery charge and available range is, and whether they’re currently plugged in and charging.

This visibility unlocks an effective EV fleet management strategy. Real-time EV data at your fingertips means you aren’t constantly running to the car park to check the status of individual vehicles. Truly understand how your EV fleet is performing and save time with Nextrak.

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Streamline Day-To-Day EV Management

One of the biggest challenges Fleet Managers face when introducing EVs into the daily fleet is the lack of visibility around available battery levels. Often, the only way to get a reading on each EV is to grab the keys and check each vehicle manually. This can quickly become a time-consuming process.

Nextrak is able to pull battery data directly from each vehicle in your fleet. So, with just a couple of mouse clicks you can view the real-time battery status of any of your EVs.

Charged Or Charging?

An EV charging strategy is vital to ensure you're maximising the utilisation of your on-site chargers. If an EV is plugged in but fully charged, it should be swapped over so another vehicle can take its place.

Nextrak provides this visibility through real-time charging information, showing Fleet Managers if an EV is plugged in, what its charge status is, and whether it's sufficient to swap it over for another vehicle. This provides Fleet Managers with the ability to ensure EVs with low batteries are prioritised, when necessary, especially at the end of the day or over the weekend.

The Right Range For The Job

Real-time data from Nextrak means that Fleet Managers can effortlessly view the current range capability of each vehicle in their EV fleet without needing to leave the office. This capability provides confidence to managers in allocating tasks and supports the confidence of employees who may experience range anxiety as they transition to new technology.


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