Offside but not alone - Peace of mind for your remote workers

Being a lone worker is a vulnerable and intimidating role for many. Lone Workers often don't have the immediate support or assistance of other staff nearby to help them if they get into trouble. And for organisations, this leads to several issues surrounding duty of care.

It's well known that happy workers are more efficient. A key element to ensuring your staff are happy is a safe and supportive workplace. For lone workers, this creates a catch 22 as traditionally working alone meant they aren't able to be directly supported. With the advancements in technology and systems, lone workers no longer need to be truly alone - and can achieve the peace of mind they require using lone worker devices tied into a comprehensive safety solution.

Modern lone worker solutions involve an integration of personal safety devices with systems that provide clear escalation protocols, multiple forms of communication/confirmation and can feature additional benefits like 24-hour monitoring to ensure that even if a worker is operating outside of traditional office hours, there is always someone there monitoring their health and safety.

For lone workers and remote workers, this peace of mind can change their outlook towards a role. They may no longer be hesitant to operate in remote regions or alone, and more importantly, this additional security will reflect positively in their impression towards your organisation - improving worker morale, employee retention and reducing the risks faced by both your employees and your organisation.

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