Passenger Management

Do you provide passenger transport services in one of these areas?

  • You are a NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) provider
  • You are a community service provider
  • You are an education provider
  • You are a service provider to a government department
Smartrak’s Passenger Management module offers a simple and flexible way for drivers to capture passenger and trip information while out on the road so organisations can accurately charge for the service they provide. Any Smartrak customer with PoolCar deployed can start using Passenger Management, with no equipment installations required.

Key Features

Easily track and manage passenger pick-ups and drop-offs
Reduce admin costs and paper logbooks
Accurate evidence of services for claims submitted to the NDIS 
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Accurate reporting

The Passenger Management module offers a report that takes the guesswork out of passenger trips. 

This is especially useful for finance managers looking to know data around passenger pick ups, drop offs and odometer readings. This makes claiming individual passenger travel costs a simple, and accurate process.

Don't guesstimate the distances your passengers are travelling. Capture the actual distances so you can maximise your NDIS claims, supported by data. 
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Benefits of Passenger Management

It’s easy for drivers

All a driver needs is a smartphone linked to Smartrak’s PoolCar solution to easily and quickly manage passenger and trip details.

No installation costs

The driver’s Smartphone, linked to Smartrak’s PoolCar solution, is all that’s required. Any odometer readings are manually entered.

Reduced admin

Say goodbye to collating records from paper log books. Passenger Management relays all the data directly to your PoolCar reporting suite.

Track and trace support

In a pandemic environment, accurate records of who was in a particular transport at any given time are vital. Passenger Management provides this assurance.

Evidence of services

Support your charges to other departments or separate organisations with a trusted and clear record of the service provided.

How it works

A driver equipped with a smartphone can easily and quickly manage passenger and trip details.

  1. Enter when a passenger is picked up and dropped off, including kilometres travelled.
  2. Edit the Passenger Manifest to reflect cancellations and additions.
  3. Manually record odometer readings (no telematics required).

For managers, the reduction in admin and increase in reporting accuracy is a game-changer

  • Real-time situation information on all passenger pick-ups and drop-offs via PoolCar
  • Accurate reporting to facilitate charging and cost retrieval
  • Eliminate paper log books and late or inaccurate reporting from drivers
Passenger Management helps you meet the COVID challenge

The release of the Passenger Management module is noteworthy within the context of a pandemic environment. All organisations where interactions with the public are necessary will welcome accurate and timely support for their contact tracing efforts. With Passenger Management, you can eliminate the guess work.

take the guesswork out of passenger management

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Are you an NDIS Provider?

The NDIS provisions for charging encompass both time and milage factors. Unfortunately compiling accurate records to support this can be problematic, especially in scenarios where a driver is picking up and dropping of a number of people through the day. Add to this, unexpected passengers joining or others being deleted from the passenger manifest and it’s easy to see how the process can get quite complex.

These were the issues that Smartrak set out to address when we developed the Passenger Management module. We knew of NDIS providers who were not claiming for services provided simply because it was too difficult.

Passenger Management addresses those challenges with a simple to deploy and use solution.
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