Permissions Management

Privacy is often a concern for organisations when implementing a telematics solution and the ability to control who can view and report on information is vital to alleviate these privacy concerns.

Smartrak has a Permissions Management solution that ensures people can only see the information that is relevant for them to do their jobs. The permission to access information is granted based on role and group allocations which can be set by the organisation based on their management structure, job profiles or levels of authority. Managers can only see information about their staff and the vehicles allocated to their group and Fleet Managers are only able to see the resources they are responsible for managing. Access restrictions to Smartrak modules and what a user is able to view can also be implemented by role and requirements with access levels including ‘Reporting only’ or ‘Booking only’.

Smartrak’s permission solution supports business continuity, data management and risk management strategies and ensure employees data and tracking information is only available to those who need it for operational and health and safety purposes.

Key Features

Ability to control and limit access to Smartrak modules
Increased security of employee data
Centralised control and oversight of groups
Ability to review permission settings and change them as workers' roles within the organisation change

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