Personal Locator

Know where your lone workers are

Give staff the confidence that they've got your support when they're away from the office
Stay connected to you staff when they're out and about
Locate staff when they're need help or are under duress
Inactivity detection for additional peace of mind
Optional 24/7 third-party monitoring
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Help your lone workers to feel supported and safe

It's important that every employee feels safe and supported in the workplace. But for those that spend time working with the public, such as Parking Inspectors, Council Rangers, Meter Readers, and Authorised Officers, working alone carries additional risk. Interacting with members of the public means that your staff will never know when a situation might escalate or get out of control. That's where Smartrak's Personal Locator comes in.

Extensively used by emergency services and law enforcement agencies, the Personal Locator provides core personal safety support via GPS tracking. Administrators in the office can easily track the device and learn the user's location, and a simple duress button can discretely trigger an alert to let managers know they need to get in touch.

The Personal Locator is specifically designed with field work in mind. It has a robust and rugged design and a 4G cellular modem. This ensures it can handle the rough nature of field work. Give your lone workers the peace of mind that you’ve got their back no matter where they are.

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Personal Locator
Product Features

Multiple alerts for communcation

The last thing you'd want is for a duress alert to be missed. To ensure this doesn't happen, the Personal Locator sends multiple alerts when the duress button is held down. An alert notification appears directly on the Smartrak map, showing the current location of the user. An email or SMS alert is also sent to predetermined recipients in your organisation's response team, so that they action according to your internal response policy. This ensures that when an alert is triggered, it cannot be missed.

Inactivity detection

Accidents happen. That's why the Personal Locator has optional inactivity detection. This can be set up as standard or activated when required by the user. Once activated, the Personal Locator triggers an alert if it detects no motion for a period of five minutes. A grace period also gives users the ability to check in should a five-minute time out occur.

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