July 3, 2019

Points of Interest on the Smartrak Map

The Smartrak map site has some Points of Interest (POI) features that can offer helpful insights into, among other things, location-based driving behaviour.


Geofences can be created for a range of requirements. From the obvious, geofencing base locations for ease of checking-in and out vehicles for pool booking, to the not so obvious, geofencing auction houses with an alerting geofence so if a vehicle with an AVL unit still installed arrives at an auction house, a notification will be sent to the correct recipient to arrange for  de-installation of the Smartrak hardware.

Map Tags

Map tags are handy for finding out if a vehicle has ever stopped at a location. Just remember to make sure the zone around the map tag is large enough to include wherever the vehicle could park while stopped at that location. As map tags can be created at any stage and reported on against tracked vehicles for up to 2 years, this gives peace of mind if location reporting is ever required. This feature is also helpful if a complaint comes through from a customer that a staff member never showed up on site. Run a quick Map Tag Zone Report run, and there is your proof, either way.

The History Search feature is useful if you ever need a record of which vehicle has stopped-in or driven through an area. This is helpful when there has been a complaint about driving, with no vehicle registration supplied (common in a fleet of sign-written vehicles where the registration hasn’t been supplied with the complaint). A quick history search can be run on the area in question, and the vehicles that have been in that area determined based on location and time.

If you would like access to any of these features or instructions on setting them up, please check out our Customer Knowledge Base articles on historical reporting, customising the Smartrak Map, or contact us via the Smartrak service desk.

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