Pool Car Key Management

Solutions to solve the everyday challenges faced by Fleet Managers
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KeyMaster – Simple key management for fleets of every size

Eliminate unauthorised vehicle use

Stop staff from collecting the wrong keys

Scalable to any fleet size. 
Easily upgradeable as your fleet grows

Customisable check-in questionnaire to capture important fleet data

24/7 self-service key management. No need for administration staff to handle or chase fleet keys

Automatic alerts notify Fleet Managers when keys are overdue

Smartrak KeyMaster - Elegant Key Management

Smartrak’s KeyMaster key cabinets are specifically designed to take the hassle out of day-to-day management of fleets. So much more than a storage solution, KeyMaster key cabinets solve a critical part of the key management and pool booking puzzle.

When paired with Smartrak’s PoolCar pool booking software, Fleet Managers gain a complete fleet vehicle booking solution.

Secure access ensures only authorised staff have access to keys. A valid booking in PoolCar means that only the vehicle key tied to the booking can be taken.

KeyMaster’s modular design also means that it can grow in step with your fleet. Additional KeyMaster units can be controlled from the initial head unit, making expansion cost effective.

Streamline your Key Management and Pool Booking today

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PoolCar – Goodbye booking vehicles in Outlook

Why settle for a pool booking system that isn’t tailored specifically to your fleet?

PoolCar was built from the ground-up to make booking and managing fleets of vehicles simple. Give your staff the ability to make their own bookings through our online portal. Restrict access to mission-critical assets to those who require it. Understand how your fleet is being utilised on a day-to-day basis. Managing bookings is just the beginning.

Maximise vehicle utilisation

Improve vehicle access

Stop unauthorised vehicle use

Logbook feature is ATO compliant

Cost centre allocation

Automatic vehicle allocation allows Fleet Managers to priorities certain vehicles

Streamline your Key Management and Pool Booking today

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