PoolCar mobile app launches

Smartrak’s PoolCar users have often said that the major benefits of the solution are how responsive and easy to use it is, so we’re sure the just-released PoolCar app is going to win converts across our full spectrum of customers.

The PoolCar app is bringing additional user flexibility and on-the-move connectivity to vehicle booking, ensuring that users can take advantage of the solution’s full functionality wherever they are, easily.

Once registered, just log in with a passcode on your smartphone and the app will present your vehicle options, functionality for making bookings, cancelling them and making changes. Plus, it’s quicker than the standard website and always available wherever there’s cellular coverage.

Whether you’ve been logging into PoolCar’s booking platform on your desktop, or pulling up the website on your smartphone, you’re going to find the PoolCar app a valuable aid for efficient and seamless vehicle access. You can even integrate the PoolCar app with your Keyless Entry solution, using Bluetooth connectivity to open vehicles equipped with Smartrak's Keyless Entry technology.

Now everything you want from a vehicle booking solution is available in a fast and simple-to-use app – you can even use custom fields to provide a truly tailored and responsive solution.

Download the PoolCar app today at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Click the app store icons below or search for 'Smartrak PoolCar'.

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