Pooling towards company goals

Correct Staffing

Having an efficient and planned pool vehicle system in place plays a vital role in ensuring an optimal number of vehicles are available at any given time. The benefit of having software that communicates between the pool vehicle system and staff’s mobile phones is that each employee becomes responsible for managing their own transport reservations and allows the software to manage the rest!

Efficient Workers

A key benefit of vehicle pool systems is that they allow an organisation’s staff to focus their efforts and attention on the important tasks they need to complete. Companies gain the edge over competitors through minimising wasted staff time, making manual (paper based) vehicle reservations at reservations desks, and all the hassle and administration that goes with it (not to mention the paper work!).

Smartrak’s software systems have become so advanced that they now automatically maintain all the data on vehicles. This includes when they have been reserved for, when they are returned and when they are booked in for maintenance!

Flexible Servicing Schedule

Smartrak is committed to providing the best possible customer service for all our customers. To ensure this commitment becomes a reality, our comprehensive self-help documentation is available 24/7, and our support team respond quickly to new enquiries to ensure that your business or transportation is not deterred by an unresponsive pool vehicle.

Connected Software Systems

Smartrak’s Fleet Servicing solution provides highly accurate real-time data, automated alerts and customer service schedules to help stay proactive in the maintenance of your fleet. Not only does this save the time and effort of manually checking, but it reduces the costs and risks of a long-term breakdown!

Accurate Pool Size

Smartrak's PoolCar Pool Booking solution takes the headache out of having to continually restructure the optimal size of your company’s vehicle pool. This adaptability put an end to paying for excess or struggling with too little across your fleet.

Real-time Reporting

Smartrak’s products are all enhanced by real-time pre start check-ups and servicing features that allow pool vehicle users to identify if there are any problems with the vehicle before or during the trip, keeping your fleet admin staff up to date on your fleet’s condition!

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