Fuel Tax Credits

Automatic reporting to support your claims for fuel tax credits

The solution to save you time and money that’s compliant with the Australian Taxation Office
Leverages GPS and input data for accurate, evidence-based claims
Average customer savings of $1,576 per vehicle, per year
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Smartrak Prism, for accurate Fuel Tax Credit claims and reduced administrative burden

Smartrak’s Prism, Fuel Tax Credit solution uses industry-leading forensic analytics and proprietary datasets to calculate the most accurate claim possible to submit to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Where applicable, this also provides data on other activities which may be claimable; such as ancillary equipment.

Organisations can claim fuel tax credits for fuel used in machinery, plant, equipment, and in heavy vehicles and light vehicles travelling off public roads.

You can also make a retrospective claim of up to four years of fuel tax credits; even if you have previously submitted a claim. Using Smartrak's Prism you can review past activity to re-calculate and re-submit the fuel tax credits based off a more accurate and holistic set of considerations.

Our customers

Prism Fuel Tax Credits
Product Features

Saves you time

Smartrak's Prism reduces your administrative burden by pulling data directly from Smartrak's database to calculate the eligible fuel used across your fleet. No more pulling together disparate data and endless spreadsheets. The solution accesses the relevant data in Smartrak and compiles the evidence for claims, saving you crucial time to work on other important tasks.

Increased accuracy to support the claims you are entitled to

Using industry leading forensic analytics and proprietary datasets, Smartrak's Prism is able to derive the most accurate and verifiable claim for your business. A more accurate claim ensures that your organisation isn't missing out on claiming credits that it's entitled to, whilst providing you with the evidence to claim with confidence. Past performance data from customers shows that the average realised value (for light vehicles) is $1,576 of credits per vehicle, per year.

Peace of mind with accurate claims

A major gap for most organisations when claiming fuel tax credits is the underestimation of claims due to the lack of evidence. As a result, many organisations underclaim their entitled rebate due to concerns that it will be difficult to validate a claim with the Australian Taxation Office.
Smartrak's Prism provides your organisation with the peace of mind to claim the most accurate and comprehensive rebate. The solution provides industry-leading accuracy, data cleaning and standardisation to ensure the rebate is evidence-based.
Prism Fuel Tax Credits
Real-World Success

Case study

Looking to understand how our solutions perform in the real world? We've put together a mini case study to highlight how our solutions help real-world customers. 


Wannon Water


Wannon Water is Victoria's second largest regional urban water corporation by service area. The organisation supplies water and sewerage services to residential, commercial, industrial and rural customers.

The issue

Wannon Water had previously completed its fuel tax credit calculations manually and felt the need to underestimate claims. Tim McPherson, Management Accountant for Wannon Water explains that the claims being put through by Wannon Water were "very conservative in what was claimed"; claiming solely for the fuel used in plant and equipment including bobcats and generators due to the inability to provide evidence-based claims for other eligible uses.

Wannon Water was not getting the most comprehensive amount back for its claims and without the appropriate evidence base, claims were much lower every year. The complexity and time-consuming effort required to gather the evidence was not worth the estimated financial gain.

The solution

Engaging with Smartrak and Nuonic, Wannon Water was able to leverage the data from Smartrak's fleet management solution and apply Nuonic's advanced data analytics and proprietary datasets to establish a more comprehensive and accurate calculation of eligible fuel tax credits.


Through Smartrak's APIs, Nuonic was able to analyse Wannon Water's plant, equipment and vehicle data to identify activities eligible for fuel tax credits. The activities included travelling off-road, idling and operating plant and equipment. Nuonic's standardised cleansing and advanced data sets provided the framework and evidence to accurately calculate the eligible fuel tax credits that Wannon Water was entitled to. Reassured by the evidence that is provided in these claims, Wannon Water now submits more comprehensive claims to the Australian Taxation Office.

Wannon Water was previously claiming roughly $500 a month in fuel tax credits. Now, leveraging the fuel tax credit solution, Wannon Water is able to claim $3,000-4,000 a month across its fleet of 115 vehicles. Additionally, using the new calculations enabled by Smartrak and Nuonic, Wannon Water was able to retrospectively review its fuel tax credit claims for the past four years and re-submit revised claims.

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