Prism – Fuel Tax Credit Solution

Australian businesses can claim fuel tax credits (FTC) for fuel used in machinery, plant, equipment, heavy vehicles and light vehicles travelling off public roads.

Smartrak’s Prism, Fuel Tax Credit solution uses industry-leading forensic analytics and proprietary datasets to calculate the most accurate claim possible to submit to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Where applicable, this also provides data on other activities which may be claimable; such as ancillary equipment or activities.

Key Features

  • Leverages GPS and input data for accurate, evidence-based claims
  • Claim for fuel used in the operation of machinery, plant and auxiliary equipment
  • Average customer savings of $1,576 per vehicle per year
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Fuel tax credits
Smartrak Prism claim 30% more FTC

Improve the accuracy and value of your FTC claims

Smartrak Prism users frequently see significantly improved FTC outcomes compared to their previous claims because higher precision calculations are being made with the most detailed data available.

Using your Smartrak telematics data enables more accurate Fuel Tax Credit (FTC) calculations and helps to increase claims by up to 30%.

Smartrak’s GPS fleet tracking devices integrate with Prism to help Australian fleets simplify and automate their ATO Fuel Tax Credits (FTC) reporting.

While many businesses are already regularly claiming FTC, many are only claiming the standard on-public-roads rate (16.0 per litre), as calculating on versus off-public-roads usage can be tricky.

Off-road rates are higher (41.8 per litre), but advanced analytics software such as Prism is required to accurately differentiate between road-types.

The reference data used in Prism to calculate non-public road use contains over 20 million spatial features covering all of Australia, so businesses can confidently claim their deserved tax credits on fuel used.

Comprehensive Spatial Reference Data

Analysing any form of location-based data requires comprehensive spatial reference data. The reference data used in Prism to calculate non-public road use contains over 20 million spatial features covering the whole Australia.

Prism analyses your data, point by point to determine whether you were driving or idling and whether that usage occurred on public or non public property. Prism uses sophisicated algorithms to identify precisely where your vehicle has been operating and what type of usage it has engaged in.

Prism fuel tax credits spacial reference data

Using Smartrak’s equipment and data, Prism calculates with market-leading precision the apportionment of your fuel by eligible FTC activities, so you can:

Fuel Tax Credit Confidence

Claim with Confidence

With comprehensive, high-precision reporting and detailed calculations to substantiate your claim.

Fuel Tax Credit easy claim

Save time claiming

Save time with automated monthly calculations and reporting for your whole fleet.

Fuel Tax Credit Optimal claim outcomes

Optimise your claim outcomes

Benefit from calculations using advanced algorithms and highly detailed data.

Based on this apportionment and your fleet specifications, Prism provides the necessary information which you can enter into your BAS, or you can apply the apportionment to your purchased fuel records using our simple online tools. With monthly calculations and reporting for your entire fleet, you can access Prism for a small monthly fee and benefit from a precise and comprehensive FTC calculation service.

Join the growing network of Smartrak customers who are frequently seeing significantly improved FTC outcomes compared to their previous claims due to higher precision calculations using the most details data available.

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Engaging with Smartrak and Nuonic, Wannon Water was able to leverage the data from Smartrak’s fleet management solution and apply Nuonic’s advanced data analytics and proprietary datasets to establish a more comprehensive and accurate calculation of eligible fuel tax credits.

More information on Fuel Tax Credits

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