Protector Ex

An Intrinsically Safe cellular device with class-leading features

There is no better device than the Protector Ex for operations in volatile environments, such as refineries, mines and farms
Intrinsically Safe
Fall/Tilt detection
Manual alerts
Two-way voice communication
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Advanced technology to cover multiple risk scenarios in volatile environments

The Protector EX provides the full feature set of the incredibly flexible Protector Pro, whilst achieving an Intrinsically Safe rating.

If you are looking for an ‘Intrinsically Safe’ device you probably know why these are important for safe use in environments like gas refineries, chemical plants, mines and even farms. But if Intrinsically Safe is a new term for you, it’s important that you know the difference between the Protector EX and a device that isn’t Intrinsically Safe.

The operating temperature of the Protector EX, its insulation and the materials used in construction have all been carefully considered to eliminate the risk of the device accidentally triggering combustion or igniting any gasses or fuels. You can use this device without the risk of static electricity or heat discharge from the device igniting the surrounding volatile gasses, powders and liquids.

The Protector EX also offers a comprehensive suite of communications and alert features. A single button for the manual SOS allows a lone worker to summon help easily and should a worker be unconscious or otherwise unable to send an alert two additional features are ready to respond. The Man-down feature triggers an alert when the device registers extended inactivity and a second alert feature will respond to tilt detection that signifies a fall.

Workers also have the option of including timed check-ins. This is useful when a worker will be moving out of cellular coverage, such as entering a basement. In this situation, the worker arranges to check-in at a predetermined time (once the task in the basement is completed). If no check-in is received, managers will know that a potential issue has occurred.

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Protector Ex
Product Features

Low battery notification

The device sends a low battery event when it drops below 20% remaining life, which is shown on Smartrak’s reporting software and in an email/SMS.

Alert monitoring confidence

All alert types are communicated via the Smartrak system, which can be monitored in-house or by a 3rd party

Cached information collection

If the device goes outside of cellular coverage, all tracking information is cached and transmitted when a cellular connection is re-established.

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