Protector Pro

One of the most advanced cellular based personal safety devices available

Designed for lone workers and teams in high risk environments where multiple forms of alert and communication are beneficial
Cover five team members with a single device
Fall/Tilt detection
Manual alerts
Two-way voice communication
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Advanced technology to cover multiple risk scenarios

Workers in the field face safety risks every day, especially when working alone. Equip your workers with reliable location-based communication tools and assure an immediate response in an emergency.

In addition to a manual SOS that a worker can trigger when they need help, Protector Pro also includes features that activate should a worker be unconscious or otherwise unable to send an alert. The Man-down feature triggers an alert when the device registers extended inactivity and a second alert feature will respond to tilt detection that signifies a fall. Workers also have the option of including timed check-ins. This is useful when a worker will be moving out of cellular coverage, such as entering a basement. In this situation, the worker arranges to check-in at a predetermined time (once the task in the basement is completed). If no check-in is received, managers will know that a potential issue has occurred.

The device can also receive voice calls, opening up 2-way communication.

The optional SRD feature of the Protector Pro enables additional integrations with wearable pendants and buttons to provide additional sources of alerts. With the ability to integrate up to 5 pendants with every device this can allow teams working in close proximity to share and leverage the features of a single personal safety device. Note: SRD feature only compatible with SRD optioned Protector Pros. Please speak to a Smartrak expert for clarification and advice if the SRD feature is of interest to you and your organisation, now and into the future.

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Protector Pro
Product Features

Low battery notification

The device sends a low battery event when it drops below 20% remaining life, which is shown on Smartrak’s reporting software and in an email/SMS

Alert monitoring confidence

All alert types are communicated via the Smartrak system which can be monitored in-house or by a 3rd party

cached information collection

If the device goes outside of cellular coverage, all tracking information is cached and transmitted when a cellular connection is re-established.

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