Single Sign On

Single Sign On is an advanced authentication and authorisation method built for environments where users normally access multiple applications every day, it enables users to log on once and gain entry into several applications. By teaming up with Auth0, Smartrak applications are now amongst those that users can access automatically, once they have logged into their network environment.

The Single Sign On solution provides organisations with greater integration and system access, cuts down on internal administration and training for staff, and streamlines the experience for end-users. It also enhances security by automatically deactivating users who leave the organisation or updating access rights for employees when their role changes.

Let Smartrak be part of your IT agenda by signing up for Single Sign On.

Key Features

Increased productivity by expanding access to systems and reducing time spent moving between applications
Reduces help desk queries and shifts the focus of the IT department to more important tasks
Avoids double management of users and permissions with different systems
Seamless log on process, as users only maintain one set of credentials
Reduces password fatigue and bad password management (writing down passwords)

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