Speed Monitoring

People are the most important asset in any organisation and ensuring everyone gets home safely at the end of each day is paramount.

Smartrak’s Speed Monitoring service provides managers with the ability to track and report on their employee’s driving behaviour. Speeding is measured against the posted speed limit on the road they are travelling and covers both urban and rural areas. This reporting, provides a holistic view of driver behaviour and a more complete tool to understand if drivers are driving safely and lawfully when travelling for business purposes.

All speeding events are recorded, including events when a vehicle is slowing down and speeding up between speed zones, resulting in more information available on the Smartrak Map and reporting.

Speed Monitoring will support real-time conversations and responses to bad driver behaviour, leading to driver education initiatives and a safer driving culture.

Key Features

A better understanding of driver behaviour
Ability to know if drivers are driving safely and lawfully
Reporting available to support conversations to correct non-compliant driving behaviour
Monitor when vehicles are speeding on all roads, not just those greater than 100 km/hr
Maximise fuel efficiency by measuring and adjusting speeding behaviour
Reduce the wear and tear on a vehicle by reducing speeding

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