Spot Gen 4

Satellite connectivity for field workers outside cellular coverage

Industry-leading confidence with a device that functions anywhere in Australia or New Zealand
Satellite connectivity
Manual alert & situation checks
Waterproof/dustproof (IP68)
Automatic tracking of the person carrying the device.
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The go-anywhere device that’s small, dependable, and simple to use

The Spot Gen4 leverages satellite connectivity to log the location of staff in the field and communicate this back to Smartrak. Connection to the GlobalStar satellite network ensures an alert triggered anywhere in Australia and New Zealand will lead to an emergency response, as long as there is a clear view of the sky.

With built in manual SOS, lone workers can alert their managers if there’s a problem and Smartrak’s solution backs that up with pinpoint location information. For peace-of-mind, the Spot Gen 4 also offers automatic tracking of the person carrying the device and a single-button check-in feature. The check-in feature is useful when a worker will be moving out of satellite coverage, such as entering a basement. In this situation, the worker arranges to check-in at a redetermined time (once the task in the basement is completed). If no check-in is received, managers will know that a potential issue has occurred.
Powered by user replaceable ‘AAA’ batteries, the Spot Gen4 can be operated for extended periods and quick in-field changes of the batteries can keep it operating without the need to recharge.

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Spot Gen4
Product Features

Satellite Connectivity

The Spot Gen4 is your choice if your employees need support in the remotest corners of New Zealand or Australia.

Single-button check in

A simple click of the button allows the user to add extra checks outside of the automated tracking.

Button Guard

Just flip the guard up to press the alert button, with no false alarms.

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