How to strengthen your fleet

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Proven solutions to manage a shared fleet

Shared fleets perform a vital role in many organisations. They provide a flexible transport solution that can be utilised by all staff, while offering means to maximise returns on fleet assets. To that end, it’s vital to ensure that all assets are used efficiently and effectively.

What you’ll learn from this eBook

Shared fleets are becoming an important component of many organisations. This 17-page eBook outlines ways to streamline fleet functions for administration staff and drivers, and highlights ways to implement robust and effective processes to support an agile and dependable fleet service.

What you’ll get from this eBook

  • Ways to manage vehicle access
  • How to manage keys efficiently
  • Why improving fleet utilisation is so important
  • How right sizing and right typing can help you improve fleet utilisation
  • Ways to track vehicle servicing
  • How to effectively respond to accidents and traffic infringements