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Reducing emissions with any fleet

Even a conventional ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) fleet can reduce its emissions by gaining operational efficiencies, keeping on top of maintenance, monitoring driver behaviour, and right-typing the fleet (are those utes really necessary for trips around town?). This is the analysis that every fleet should be doing because productivity gains and emissions reductions tend to go hand-in-hand.

Using EVs to achieve sustainability goals

Even with the sustainability gains that can be made through a more efficient fleet, it’s the swap to PHEVs and EVs that’s usually top-of-mind when we think of reducing fleet emissions. Unfortunately, many opportunities to transition to EVs are lost because of preconceptions about their suitability. This is where telematics data can provide the facts about vehicle usage to support your emissions reduction strategy. Smartrak has helped numerous customers identify the true potential for EV adoption, among them Meridian Energy, who succeeded in transitioning 100% of their light vehicle fleet to EV.

Emissions reporting and measuring your progress

The solutions developed by Smartrak to make EVs easier to manage and more productive will deliver valuable analysis of fleet emissions, so you can track your progress towards goals and identify opportunities to gain further emissions reductions. We have also ensured the reports that provide this knowledge are easy to use and understand.

Dashboard reporting on fleet emissions

The Smartrak Dashboard report provides graphic interpretations of fleet data across a range of categories, including vehicle emissions. The Dashboard is a quick and simple way to gain top-level knowledge and keep track of emissions trends.

Insights Reports on fleet emissions

Smartrak’s Insights Reports are a game-changer for fleet professionals. These reports take the hard work out of extracting meaningful knowledge from data, by doing all the analysis for you and then presenting the information in easy-to-understand visualised formats. Among the reports available are Sustainability Insights which provide detailed emissions data and customisable reports so you can easily target candidate vehicles for EV transition by identify the high-emitters, and measure emissions trends. The report also has a dedicated EV insights tab to track and manage EV battery health, range, and charging status.

Emissions reporting that meets NZ Government guidelines

Local authorities and government departments are required to measure and report on emissions reductions. To enable this, Smartrak has developed an industry-leading reporting solution that delivers accurate reporting automatically.

By integrating with NZTA, reports automatically align the fleet’s telematics data with the correct emissions profile for each vehicle. This provides the gold-standard in emissions reporting for complete reporting confidence. In addition to meeting government guidelines, these reports also comply with ISO 14064-1 and The Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Building a sustainability strategy

As a Sustainability Officer, it is likely you will be involved in any preliminary decision making as your organisation considers an appropriate sustainability strategy. There are numerous factors to be considered, including the operational profile of your fleet, the requirements of vehicle users, considering exceptions such as specialist vehicles, and the requirement for charging infrastructure.

Smartrak has several tools to help with building the necessary knowledge resource to begin your sustainability journey. These include an e-Book on transitioning to EVs [link], a business plan outline that you can adapt to your fleet [link], and a podcast on things to consider when planning a charging strategy for your EVs.
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Case Study - Meridian Energy

Using Smartrak Meridian Energy were able to identify their fleet’s real use profile, which supported the business case for integrating EVs into the fleet.

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